Ben Wa Balls Set

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Ben Wa Balls Set

When it comes to women being pleasured, all you had to do was to sit back and relax. It can be boring, true. Sometimes, you just want to take the matter into your own hands just to get it over with and to make it worthwhile. Thanks to Ben Wa balls, you can finally do just that. Never heard of these before? Ben Wa balls are beads that can be made of silicone, hard plastic, metal or glass that are inserted in the vagina and used for Kegel exercises. Each bead has its own weight inside that can contract and stimulate your pelvic floor muscles making them tighter and giving you a tingling sensation that can sometimes bring you to orgasm.

Don't be fooled. Ben Wa balls are not sex toys. At least, that's not the main purpose of it. They were originally invented for the pleasure of men while they have sex. Women, on the other hand, soon found out that the beads could benefit them as well. When regularly used for your Kegel exercises, they can make sex more exciting for you by increasing your sex drive, make you orgasm more easily, give you more control over your vaginal muscles, and make you more sensitive especially in the clitoris.

That's not all. Ben Wa balls have also been proven to help with the prevention and cure of any disorder affecting the bladder, rectum, and uterus. Women who are going through urinary incontinence can find this helpful to aid them in controlling their bladder. Mothers who have just given birth can use these to help their vagina return to its normal state or even make it tighter. Even mothers-to-be can benefit by preparing them for a smooth delivery. This is really a device that can be used for both pleasure and well-being. They sound convincing, do they?

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in the Ben Wa world, you can never go wrong with purchasing your own set. Who wouldn't want to have more options and varieties on hand that's within reach? Instead of buying new ones when you're ready to move up the ladder, why not grab one that has everything you'll be needing? Our Ben Wa balls sets have beads of different shapes, sizes, colors, weights, number of beads, and optional vibrating ones. We also have sets of yoni eggs in this collection if that's what you're into.

Overall, it's never a bad thing to want more. In the saying of "less is more", we believe in "more is always the way to go". That's why we keep giving you more options and more choices so you can have more pleasure and more fun. When you start working on our Ben Wa balls sets, the more you get into it, the more you'll get used to it. Pretty soon, you'll be ready for our more adventurous devices, and you'll start to wonder how amazing they make you feel. A full workout with some stimulation and more? Yes, please!


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