If you’ve been practising your Kegel exercises and started to use Ben Wa balls to further strengthen your muscles, you might have come across a problem; The damn balls keep falling out! This is totally normal, and there are a bunch of reasons that this can happen, but it’s nothing that’s too difficult to solve. There are a few reasons this might be happening; The size of the balls, the material they are made from, the amount of lube you use, and how aroused you are when using them.

Ball size

One of the most obvious reasons for Ben Wa balls to be falling out of your vagina is due to the size of the ball. It might seem quite counterintuitive, but you should start with larger balls and then work your way down to smaller ones. So, if you’ve got a multi pack with different sizes and weights, be sure to start off with the biggest one you’ve got. The reason for this is that when you first begin your Kegel regime, your pelvic floor will be weaker. This means gripping onto things will be much harder for it. A larger Ben Wa ball has much more surface area, so you can utilise more of your muscles to keep it in place. As you move down to smaller balls, you have less area to grip onto, so the muscles you are using need to put in extra effort to keep the balls in place.


All of the main materials Ben Wa Balls are made from will feel different when you hold them in your hands. The same is true when you hold them in your vagina. Smoother materials will be harder to grip onto. Glass, stainless steel, and jade are very smooth, so if you’re just starting out these might not be ideal for you. Silicone on the other hand, has a completely different texture, feeling rough and almost sticky in a sense. If you’ve ever felt silicone in your hands, you’ll know what I mean. This is probably the easiest type of Ben Wa ball to hold in your vagina, so it’s ideal for beginners.


Sometimes you need a little help to get things into your vagina. It’s not an uncommon problem, and in this situation, most people turn towards lube. While lube is fantastic as actually getting things into your vagina, in this case we not only want to get something in but we want to keep it there. This means after the initial hurdle, lube actually has a detrimental effect on what we want to accomplish. Having a ball inside you that is covered in slippery lube is obviously going to be quite hard to grip on to. So, when inserting your balls, make sure you use enough lube to help get past the initial hurdle, but not so much that it’ll be sliding around inside you once you’ve got it in.


It might seem like a strange thing to discuss, because when you just start out with Kegel exercises you might wonder how anyone could possibly get aroused by them. The more you get used to doing them though, you might begin to feel a little extra sensation in your loins. As you become aroused, your vagina will naturally relax, and the muscles stretch out and grow. While this is ideal for engaging in intercourse, and can be a little help to get the Ben Wa balls in to begin with, too much arousal and growth can make it difficult to keep the balls in.

If you’ve been having a little difficulty keeping your Ben Wa balls in, try not to be too disheartened. Try adjusting each of these aspects one by one and hopefully you’ll have a much better time with them.

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