About Us

Welcome to the wonderful world of loveballs!

You might wonder who we are, or how we ever came to be involved in this kind of business. We started out as a small group of women who all went through childbirth together. Some of us continued and had more children after our first, and some stuck with just the one. Being the close, friendly women that we are, we continued to discuss our sex lives often with each other. Some of us had begun to have complaints about our vaginas which we weren’t sure how to resolve. Sex just wasn’t what it used to be for some of us, and our partners had begun to notice. We’d often talk about what we could do to regain our lost sexual pleasure. Then one of us had the lightbulb moment of discovering the pelvic floor muscles. We found that we could rejuvenate our vaginas to some of their youthful tightness and regain some of our lost sexual sensitivity. That was when the loveball journey began.

We began by simply performing kegel routines, but before long, we’d started to investigate other solutions. That’s when we found kegel balls. We tried them and after a couple of months, we were all having great sex once more. Our confidence was restored, and we were happier than ever. It didn’t end there though.

We were convinced that these were such great tools, but we’d had such a struggle finding them in the first place. We were recommending them to everyone we knew, but we wanted to spread the word more. We wanted women all over the world to be able to experience the joy and happiness brought by a tight vagina, and a great sex life. Loveballs was born from this mission. It has taken several years of hard and stressful work, but now loveballs is growing stronger every day.

Meet the team


The brains behind the whole operation. Sandy was the one who first introduced us all to Kegel balls and helped us learn how to use them. After a few months of telling others about it, she realised we could turn this into a business and help countless women just like us. She does a lot of our higher-level work, looking for products we can stock and any new trends in the world of Kegel balls.


The main person behind our shipping and logistics. She works a lot with our suppliers to try an ensure a smooth process from the moment you order, right up until you receive your product. She also works with our customers, answering any queries you might have.


Our web designer, she is the one behind what you see when you come to our site. She spends her days listing our products for you to buy, handling payments and generally making the store run how it should. If you ever notice anything wrong with any of our pages, Jean will be the one fixing it.


Our lead content writer, Emily handles a lot more of the information side of the site. She does extensive research into anything Kegel related and works to add all the information to our site as quickly (and interestingly) as possible. She also works with other writers and customers to find stories of your own experiences and share them for the people who aren’t entirely sure what to buy, or what to do with it.

The rest of the gang

Kelly, Jackie, Jennifer and Sarah were all part of our original group. They aren’t as involved with the site, but still help out from time to time. They’re just glad to have been a part of this incredible journey.

So that’s us, just a group of middle aged women looking to help everyone who will listen understand the benefits of Kegel exercises and Kegel balls. So dive in today, and join us in our world of sexual and vaginal happiness!

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