2-in-1 Lady Fitness Ball and Tushie Plug Set



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Are you a sexually active woman who is in need of toning down there? Do you want to prepare and stimulate your behind while having sexual intercourse? Well, don’t you worry as we have sex toys made to fulfill your needs.

Let us introduce you to the 2-in-1 Lady Fitness Ball and Tushie Plug Set. This fabulous duo has something for your vagina and your anus. Firstly, the Lady Fitness Ball is a duotone type Ben Wa Ball which is hollow and have a second ball inside the first. They are made with a solid exterior and a mercury core. They are made of high-grade silicone with various colors available.

What is great is that this has a string so that you will not worry that these babies will be lost inside your vagina. These wonderful devices are able to jiggle and vibrate once you insert them, stimulating the vagina and working the pelvic muscles at the same time. Once inserted, you need to do Kegel exercises and try your hardest to squeeze and keep the Ben Wa Balls inside and prevent them from sliding off.

Second, we have the Tushie Plug that is available in two designs and two colors: pink or purple. These plugs are also made of high-grade silicone with a flared end so that they will not be sucked inside your butt. Both items are phthalates free so you won’t have any harmful chemicals present in your new sex toys. These sex toys are easy to clean as you only need to wash them with anti-bacterial soap in clean running water then wipe with a soft cloth afterward.

Are you now convinced of all the benefits? Then it’s time to order and get this fabulous 2-in-1 set and get the best value for your money now!

Kegel Balls: Red, Pink, Black, Purple

Plug: Red, Pink, Black, Purple

Type Ben Wa Balls, Anal Plugs
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Kegel Balls: 1.77 in.

Anal Plug 1: 3.54 in.

Anal Plug 2: 3.94 in.


Kegel Balls: 1.46 in.

Anal Plug 1: 2.36 in.

Anal Plug 2: 2.36 in.


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