Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

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Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls have satisfied many women for years now. For many ladies out there, it continues to become a part of their lifestyle as they use the balls for their own pleasure and purpose. You know the drill: slide them in, contract, and go on about your day. Depending on your usual daily routine, a single movement with the balls still in can leave a tingling vibrating sensation that satisfies many women. Some have even reported making them orgasm in the end, while others feel that although it is satisfying, it's still not enough. Luckily, we created just the right collection for those who hunger for more sensations.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls are both handy and convenient. For one, they leave up to your hands (and your partner's hands) the power to control and customize the vibrations whenever you want and wherever you may be. If you feel that the sensations regular Ben Wa balls give you are not enough, then this may be a good choice for you to try. Controlled vibrations will add to the intensity of your Kegel exercises and have a higher possibility of helping you to orgasm. So, this is not just an additional feature, it's also an additional challenge with additional benefits.

You'll certainly get yourself lost in this collection as you find that there are two pages of vibrating Ben Wa balls to scroll through and pick. We compiled a lot of them with different shapes, sizes, colors, number of beads, types of attachments, and types of remote controls. Most of the Ben Wa balls in this collection are made from medical grade silicone as it's the best material to work with for all levels. There are also some products which are made from plastic like ABS. All kinds of materials used are ensured to be of high-quality and body-safe without any elements that might harm the users.

As for the vibration features, the choice is up to you as they can be controlled using different methods. The most common method is via a connector attached to the ball and attached to the remote control. If you plan on using the Ben Wa balls while carrying on with your usual day-to-day activities, there are some other options like wireless remote controls that can be held away from a distance and still have the same power. You can hand it to your partner and give them the full authority of how, when, and where you're supposed to have them. We also have products that can conduct the vibrations using your own smartphone thanks to Bluetooth connections. You can choose to go old-school or modern, it's all up to you.

Transitioning to vibrating Ben Wa balls is always a good idea as it can introduce other ways to stimulate and give your pelvic muscles a different type of workout. When you're ready to take it the next level, the only difficult time that you'll be having with us is choosing the right product for you. Take your time and explore. It'll all be worth it.


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