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Want to feel like a virgin again? I bet you do! Try this Pussy-Tightening Magnetic Ben Wa Ball and be able to enjoy a fuller penetration, more intense orgasms, and better bladder control.

Giving birth, being sexually active, and aging weakens your pelvic floor and loosens the muscles around your vagina. If controlling your bladder becomes a nagging issue, if you feel your partner’s penis has shrunk when in fact it hasn’t, or if orgasm is not powerful as before, then it’s time to take some serious action. You need this Pussy-Tightening Magnetic Ben Wa Ball to help you out with your Kegel exercise to strengthen and tone your pelvic and vaginal muscles.

This device, comprised of 4 balls with 2 different weights, is made to tighten your vagina effectively. Which you can combine as you progress from beginner to advanced. Inside each bead is a rolling weight ball that jiggles and produces natural vibrations with every move you make. The excellent design works well with any size or shape. With its classy and elegant design, this Ben Wa Ball will inspire you to do your Kegel exercise regularly. And as it’s made of top quality silicone and magnetic weight balls, it’s guaranteed safe, non-toxic, and odorless. For ease of sliding the balls in or out, use water-based lube.

With proper and regular use, you’ll achieve the desired results in a few months. If you’re a beginner, use 2 silver balls for 20 days; then, go on to the next level by combining silver and gold for 35 days. For the finale, use two gold balls for 40 days. (Skip when you have your period.) You’ll be comfortable having them in even when you’re doing yoga or dancing.

So, don’t endure a loose vaginal muscle when there’s a remedy. Buy this Pussy-Tightening Magnetic Ben Wa Ball to take your pleasure to the next level.

Color Silicone: Black; Metal: Silver and Gold
Type Ben Wa Ball
Material Silicone + Magnetic metal
Dimensions (in.)
Length Ball: 1.38 inches, Overall length: 3.15 inches
Width 1.38 inches


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