Whether you’re new to Ben Wa balls or you’re a seasoned pro, you already know that there are many different types available these days. Ben Wa balls are made in different sizes, different designs, and different materials so you truly have a large selection to choose from.

Some Ben Wa balls are better suited for beginning users while others are great for those with more experience. If you’re new to Ben Wa balls and find it a bit confusing, do not worry.

Once you familiarize yourself with some basic information on the product, it won’t take long to move onto the next step, which is trying out your Ben Wa balls! Below are a few tips that should help.

The Basic Materials That Are Used

At one time, Ben Wa balls were all made out of a solid metal or even glass but nowadays they also come in silicone or other types of plastic and various stone materials including jade and even rose quartz.

As a general rule, the steel balls can be a little more difficult to hold inside once they’re inserted so they work best for more experienced users. On the other hand, plastic tends to be a very smooth material and also isn’t as heavy as the steel balls so it usually works best for beginners to use Ben Wa balls made out of plastic.

Another difference between the various types of materials is the ease of cleaning the product. Although it may sound simple to clean your Ben Wa balls -- and it is -- the ones made of glass or steel tend to be easier and faster to keep clean.

This isn’t to say that the other types of Ben Wa balls are difficult to clean, just that the glass and stainless steel ones are a bit easier. When you consider that most experts agree that it is crucial to clean your Ben Wa balls both before and after use every time, the fact that one type of Ben Wa balls may be a little simpler to clean can make a big difference over time.

The Different Types of Ben Wa Balls

Just as the materials used, there are many different types of Ben Wa balls with various designs, sizes, and weights. Many are recommended specifically for beginners while others are better suited for experienced users. Once you do a little research on the various types of Ben Wa balls, it is likely to be much easier to make the decision that is right for you

Learning about the various types isn’t complex; in fact, there are really just a handful of differences between them but those differences can help you decide which set of Ben Wa balls will work best for you in the end.

Duotone Ben Wa Balls

The Duotone Ben Wa balls are usually a hollow plastic with small metal balls inside. The metal balls have small weights in them to make them more effective and they are often coated with silicone or another type of plastic.

They can also be made of other materials, including glass, and they are often adorned with flowers or other decorative items on them.

The balls can also be connected together by a string or some other item, which is usually put there to make it easier to remove them. Regardless of the type you purchase, there are always two balls that are either attached together or come separately along with small weights on the inside that create a subtle vibrating sensation, making this type of Ben Wa balls very popular indeed.

Duotone Ben Wa balls provide subtle vibrations that are very quiet so your partner will never know that you’re enjoying them. You can even enjoy them while you’re waiting for your partner to arrive!

If you choose Duotone balls made of silicone, make sure that you use only a water-based lubricant, which is very easy to find, before inserting them.

The two balls are generally the size of standard marbles but they can come in many other sizes as well. The plastic ones also use very safe materials, usually a type of plastic that is non-toxic and phthalate-free. Many Duotone balls also come with a harness to keep them together even though you can remove this harness before using them if you like.

Because of their subtle vibrating beads inside and the fact that they are made in many different sizes and materials, they are becoming very popular with lovers of Ben Wa balls, regardless of your experience level.

Kegel Ben Wa Balls

Because Kegel Ben Wa balls are specifically made for wearing while you’re performing your Kegel exercises, they are often bigger than standard Ben Wa balls or even Duotone Ben Wa balls.

They are also a little sturdier and more rigid than these types of balls and they come in various sizes and weights. Kegel Ben Wa balls sometimes have adjustable weights that allow you to start off with lighter weights and gradually increase to weights that are a little heavier.

This means that over time, you can go from a beginner to a more experienced Ben Wa ball-user, all by using this one product.

There are many advantages to purchasing Kegel Ben Wa balls that come with various weight sizes and the two primary advantages have to do with the two main purposes of Ben Wa balls. Ben Wa balls are made for two reasons: to increase your sexual pleasure and to get your pelvic floor muscles a little tighter.

The graduated weight sets that come with many Kegel Ben Wa balls help tremendously with both of these tasks so regardless of why you’re purchasing this type of Ben Wa balls, you can count on them to work the way they were meant to work.

String Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls can come with or without items such as strings and harnesses, which are designed to help dual balls stay together while you use them as well as help you remove the product after you’re finished using them.

These harnesses are usually made of some type of silicone sheathing and the string can be made of various types of thin, strong string. Of course, the strings and harnesses can also come with single Ben Wa balls and not just Ben Wa ball sets. They are extremely well-made and clean.

Some women also use the strings to jiggle the balls around after they insert them into the vagina, causing a little more sensation and excitement. In fact, these Ben Wa ball strings can come in various designs, including:

    • Attached to a single ball and long enough to let you remove it after you’re done
    • Attached to two separate balls; when removed, the balls are separated as well
    • Attached to two balls that are attached to one another

Therefore, when you think about Ben Wa balls with strings on them, it is good to remember that they serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they make the Ben Wa balls a lot easier to remove once you’re done using them. Secondly, you can use them to move the balls around while they’re still inside of you, causing even more stimulation for you.

Among their few disadvantages is the fact that Ben Wa balls that come with strings attached can sometimes be more difficult to clean because it is more time-consuming and a little on the cumbersome side.

This is because every part of the balls and string has to be thoroughly cleaned both before and after every time they are used and it isn’t nearly as quick as cleaning Ben Wa balls without a string or harness attached. You have to make sure that you get into every crack and crevice of the Ben Wa balls you’ve chosen whenever you clean them and this can be somewhat of a challenge if you’re new to the product.

This is but a small disadvantage, however, since once you learn to properly clean the product, you should be able to do it without thinking much about it after just a short time.

Especially if you’re new, strings can be a true lifesaver if for no other reason than that the Ben Wa balls are so much easier to remove every time you use them

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

The name makes this type of Ben Wa balls very simple to figure out; these are simply Ben Wa balls that have a vibrating device already inside of it. These come with tiny batteries discreetly placed inside of them and they can be made with or without wires and with or without a remote-control device with different settings.

Although small, these Ben Wa balls are more powerful than you may be prepared for, particularly the ones that come with four or even six different speeds.

The ones with remote controls allow you to adjust the speed so that you can get the ultimate satisfaction every time and they are extremely popular, especially with women who are long-term users of Ben Wa balls.

There are only two minor disadvantages of the vibrating Ben Wa balls. The first is the price, which is usually much higher than other types of Ben Wa balls. The second is that they are strictly a sex toy and unlike other types of Ben Wa balls, they are not really meant for use while you’re performing your Kegel exercises.

They are strictly to be used to gain more pleasure and to increase your enjoyment of orgasms.

Naturally, the vibrating Ben Wa balls are waterproof and always made out of very high-quality materials so they are meant to last for a very long time. In addition, unlike most other types of Ben Wa balls, the vibrating type is usually appropriate for both vaginal and anal use, increasing its usefulness to those who buy them.

Most other types of Ben Wa balls are made for vaginal use only but the vibrating Ben Wa balls can often be used both vaginally and anally.

Of course, since this feature varies from product to product, it is highly recommended that you check the packaging if you’re specifically interested in using one of these products anally.

Some Final Thoughts

There is no “best” or “worst” set of Ben Wa balls; the only thing that matters when you’re researching or shopping for them is what you intend to use them for and which features you consider most important.

Beginning users usually do better with smaller balls that are light in weight or the plastic variety as well as Ben Wa balls that come with strings for easier removal.

Regardless of where you shop for this product, be it online or in a regular brick-and-mortar store, you will find dozens of designs and sizes available for your convenience so it’s up to you to do your due diligence so that you can find something perfect in the end.

Of course, one of your first questions to yourself should be what is the main reason for buying these Ben Wa balls? If you’re using them to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while you’re doing your Kegel exercises, there are certain types that will be helpful. If all you want is to improve your sex life and experience more frequent and more intense orgasms, there are other types that might be more effective.

Determining what your main purpose for purchasing these Ben Wa balls is the first step to helping you figure out which type is best for you and the rest should be easy.

Furthermore, finding the right Ben Wa balls is also easy because there are hundreds of regular and online stores that sell all types of them every day of the year.

Most are high-quality balls that can be relied on to do the job that you have purchased them to do and since most of them are also very reasonably priced, it should never be either difficult or expensive to find the Ben Wa balls that will please you for many years to come.

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