Yoni Eggs

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Yoni Eggs

Love Balls isn't just about Ben Wa balls. We have a collection dedicated to yoni eggs as well.

For more than 5,000 thousand years now, yoni eggs were used by Chinese empresses and concubines for the same reason: increased sexual drive, sensual awakening, and--something that's very unique about these--spiritual healing. They're currently still being used by modern women now for the same purpose. Women who practice meditation, yoga, traveling to and from the spiritual realm, and practice spiritual awakening and healing will find yoni eggs as the perfect instruments to use during their activities. Yoni translates to the female reproductive organs in Sanskrit. And these are exactly what they're focusing on.

Yoni eggs are made from semi-precious stones that are shaped, carved, and polished into egg shapes. Like Ben Wa balls, yoni eggs are used to perform Kegel exercises with the same benefits: they can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for better control of your "yoni", tighten your vagina, an increase in sex drive, an increase in your sensitivity in your sensuality, making sex even more fulfilling and satisfying, and your orgasms more intense.

Besides those benefits, yoni eggs can also benefit those who are in need of spiritual healing and awakening. Each gemstone has its own unique healing properties. They are believed to heal and aid in the treatment of different disorders concerning the internal body such as joint and bone disorders, muscle pains, common ailments such as a cough and colds, fever, and other diseases. Gemstones are also believed to adjust the mindset of the users, the people around them, and their environment. Relationships can be mended, traits and a person's nature can be changed for the betterment of the user and other people. They seem promising, and many women are interested.

You can find different varieties of yoni eggs made from different kinds of semi-precious gemstones. Different types of quartz, obsidian, Jade, aventurine, howlite, lapis lazuli, Jasper, agate, opal, Tiger eye, and others are available in this collection that you can choose depending on your needs and preference.

There are two styles of the yoni eggs that you can avail: drilled yoni eggs so you can attach a piece of string (we have eggs with or without strings available) for better maneuvering and easier extraction; and there are undrilled ones for experienced yoni users and those who are looking for a more wholesome experience. You can choose different sizes depending on your preference and expertise, a set with different sizes is available if you want to train yourself to use yoni eggs. Whether you want an individual yoni egg or a set of different sizes with a wand, it all depends on you. Yes, we also have a set with a wand!

Yoni eggs are beneficial in all aspects imaginable. They can not only be beneficial for your yoni; they can train your pelvic floor muscles, aid in the treatment of different ailments in the body, contribute in the spiritual awakening and healing, and more. They're all you could ever ask for.


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