One question women all over the world have is “How can I make my vagina tighter?” A loose vagina can wreak havoc on both your physical sex life, and your sexual confidence. Either situation is not a great one to be in as a loss of enjoyment in sex can affect your life massively, especially in your relationships. There is a huge amount of information out there discussing methods for tightening your vagina, and some of it is much more reliable than others. Even methods that don’t actually work, or have been proven ineffective by medical professionals may have a large following of people who are convinced they get good results. Sometimes just feeling better can improve your sex life even if it isn’t physically changing your vagina, so everything might be worth a try. Here were going to go through all of the methods, piece by piece, and try and give you some solid advice on getting your own vagina feeling nice and tight again.

Kegel Exercises

These are probably the most commonly recommended thing you’ll find, and for good reason! Kegel exercises are without a doubt the best way to work on the tightness of your vagina as well as the general health of your lower organs. Kegels don’t work directly on your vagina but rather on your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles form a kind of hammock for all of your lower organs, and having a healthy and strong pelvic floor makes sure that everything is sitting where it is supposed to be, and working properly.

Kegels are very simple to do, you simply clench and tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor, hold them in place for ten seconds, then release them. It’s recommended to do three sets of ten every day. You can do Kegels literally anywhere, at home, at work, waiting in line at the supermarket, on the bus, anywhere! So, there’s really no excuse for not doing them. They are definitely the easiest and most effective method of tightening everything up down there.

Not only are Kegel exercises easy to do, there are also some great tools out there to help! Kegel balls, yoni eggs, ben wa balls, or any other name they go by are a group of products designed to be worn in the vagina. The act of holding these balls in place further works your pelvic floor, helping it return to it's healthy youthful state.

Topical Gels

In my research of vaginal loose-ness I’ve come across a number of gels or creams that are designed to be applied to the vagina and help to tighten it back up. These usually have mixed reviews, with some people saying they work fantastically, and others saying they do nothing. I’d be more likely to lean towards the latter, as most of the tight feeling of your vagina is felt from the inside of the body, and I can’t possibly see how a gel applied outside the body can have any real lasting effect on the internal muscles of your vagina. If you want to give one of these a try then go right ahead, but I expect that most of the positive reviews you’ll find are people being paid by the manufacturer to try and sell more of their products.


This is a bit of a weird one. Vinegar is a bit of an old wife’s tale which supposedly can help to tighten up your vagina if apply it topically, bathe in a mix of vinegar and water, or even drink it. That’s right, people are drinking vinegar for their vaginas! It’s difficult to find any concrete evidence on the effectiveness of any of this. While vinegar does have properties and acids which will naturally cause your skin to tighten, this effect will usually be lost within a few hours, so there’s unlikely to be much of a long-term effect from applying it to your skin or bathing in it. I can say for sure though that drinking it is definitely not going to tighten your vagina, and can actually cause damage to other parts of your body so this is one I’d definitely avoid.

Herbal Remedies

As with almost any problem you want to fix in life, there will people out there recommending all kinds of herbal remedies to help. These are wide and varied, and you’ll find people out there who will swear by them, and then people who have tried and had no luck. If you want to try them out, feel free, but I can’t promise you’ll see much benefit from them.

Gooseberry, Indian Gooseberry or amla, are claimed to have benefits for many parts of the body, but especially the vagina. Boil ten to twelve of them in water and allow the mixture to cool. Apply it topically before baths, once a day.

Aloe Vera is touted to have large amounts of regenerative properties for your muscles. You apply it by scooping the gel out of a fresh aloe vera leaf, two tablespoons will usually be enough. Apply it to both the external and internal parts of the vagina regularly.

Curcuma Comosa is a flowering plant. Its root looks a lot like a ginger root, which you extract the juice from and apply it to the vagina.

Pueraria Mirifica is a herb you might have already heard of as it is sometimes recommended due to its breast enlargement properties. The root of the plant contains large amounts of phytoestrogens, which help to rebuild the and regenerate tissue in the pelvic region. To apply it, you need to make an extract from the root.

Oak Apple is a Thai herb which contains tannins and phytoestrogens, which help to regenerate the vaginal tissue. You can apply it by mashing up the fruit to make a gel or paste, or by simply applying the herb directly to your vagina for some time before bathing. Daily use is claimed to have the best results.

You might find many other fruits and herbs recommended to help maintain your vagina but these five are the most commonly recommended to help with tightening the vagina. It’s possible that they may work well for you, and there’s no way people would have been using them for hundreds of years without some kinds of benefit. But it will probably be a very personal thing, so you might need to just try them out and see what works for you.

Vaginal Wands

Vaginal wands might sound magical, but they are essentially still a herbal remedy. They can be made of herbs, plants, and even ground up pearls. Vaginal wands are a part of a market related to Vaginal drying. This isn’t as popular in the western world, but carries a lot of weight in places throughout Asia and Africa. Unfortunately, the idea of Vaginal drying is a little misguided, as it goes against the natural functions of a woman’s vagina. While a dry vagina will feel tight, this will more than likely just make intercourse painful and difficult rather than tight and pleasurable. This method, is one I would probably avoid completely.

Vaginal Cones

These are a similar device to a Kegel ball, and are usually around the same size and shape as a tampon. They are inserted into the vagina and sit just above the pelvic floor muscles. Holding them in place makes your pelvic floor muscles work, and they usually will be left in for at least 15 minutes. Doctors will sometimes prescribe these to women with particularly weak pelvic floors.

Out of all these potential options for vagina tightening, the only two that are actually proven by medical professionals to have a tangible benefit are Kegel exercises, and Vaginal cones. If you feel that gels, or vinegar helps you, and you’re sure they aren’t causing your body any harm, then feel free to use them. If not though, a regular and properly performed Kegel regime is sure to benefit your vagina and your pelvic floor health.

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