Duotone Ben Wa balls are a specific type of Ben Wa balls that usually consist of two or more balls tied together by a nylon string. Inside each of the balls are separate, smaller balls or even several small weights that enable you to experience a subtle stimulation when you’re using them.

Like other types of Ben Wa balls, Duotone balls are designed for both increased sexual pleasure and to help make your Kegel exercises more productive. The following are some important things to remember if you’re considering purchasing this type of Ben Wa Balls.

Duotone Ben Wa Balls

Duotone Ben Wa balls always consist of two to four balls and most often, they are coated with silicone or some other type of plastic. Like other types of Ben Wa balls, they are very smooth and therefore comfortable, and they can come in many different sizes as well.

Most Duotone balls, however, are between 1 and 2 inches in diameter, the perfect size for most women.

Also called Orgasm, Rocker, or Pleasure balls, the metal balls or weights inside of the Duotone Ben Wa balls actually roll around inside the main balls while you move around, providing a subtle yet enjoyable and stimulating motion the entire time.

Some are made of glass and are specifically designed for beginners, and because so many of them come with strings attached, they are easy to remove because all you have to do is give the string a slight tug and they fall out.

The string that is attached to the Duotone Ben Wa balls is not only there for easy removal. In fact, if you’re using the balls as a way to enjoy some foreplay or sexual satisfaction, you can also take the string and move the balls around inside of you. This gives you a little more control as you use the balls and can increase the stimulation provided by them.

Instead of a nylon string, many Duotone Ben Wa balls are instead sheathed in a stretchy harness made of silicone.

These usually have an elastic strap attached to the harness. Whether there’s a strap or a string, the biggest advantage is that you can do two things with it – pull it to remove the balls when you’re finished, and tug on it slightly to move the balls around while they’re inside of you, increasing the amount of pleasure you get from them.

This isn’t to say that Duotone Ben Wa balls are only good when used as sex toys. In fact, like most other types of Ben Wa balls, the Duotone kind is also excellent for using when you’re performing Kegel exercises

Because of its ball-inside-of-a-ball design, you can enjoy a little more stimulation and light pressure when performing Kegels, increasing their intensity and making them more effective.

They often come in various colors – including blue, orange, purple, pink, black, and green – which makes them even more fun to use, and the silicone harness is always phthalate-free and non-toxic, making them very safe indeed. The strings or straps attached are just the right length for your convenience, so there are no worries about them being so short that they get stuck inside of you or so long that they get in the way while you’re practicing Kegels.

Prices Associated with Duotone Ben Wa Balls

Like most Ben Wa balls, Duotone Ben Wa balls come in all price ranges, but as a general rule they are very reasonably priced. Most of them, in fact, range from $7 to around $30 or $40, and any reputable sex toy store will have them.

In fact, a reputable store is what you should look for first, because only these stores will offer high-quality items that are safe to use and which work the way they’re supposed to work.

Researching both the company and the brand name can help familiarize you with a product’s reputation, and in reality, this is much more important than finding the cheapest set of Duotone Ben Wa balls.

However, it is still good to know that more often than not, your next set of Duotone Ben Wa balls is very likely to cost you only a small sum of money!

Duotone Ben Wa Balls Versus Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Because of the nature of Duotone Ben Wa balls, they are often confused with vibrating Ben Wa balls, but there are a few differences. With Duotone Ben Wa balls, there is usually no remote control or battery.

They are considered a “manual” type of Ben Wa balls, if you will. There are weights inside of the balls to produce a slight vibration, of course, but with actual vibrating Ben Wa balls, there is no movement required in order to produce the sensation.

Duotone Ben Wa balls will exert some vibration as soon as they are inserted, whereas vibrating Ben Wa balls usually have to be started with a remote control device in order to make them work.

In addition, vibrating Ben Wa balls often come with remote control devices that feature up to four separate settings, so you can get as wild and crazy as you like with them with little fanfare.

Both Duotone and vibrating Ben Wa balls provide a bit of vibration once they’re inserted, but because the vibrating Ben Wa balls work with a USB, involve batteries, and often come with a remote control, the vibrations are a little more intense than they are with the Duotone Ben Wa balls.

Think of the difference between Duotone Ben Wa balls and vibrating Ben Wa balls like this: Duotone balls are manually operated, while vibrating balls are battery operated. However, they are both extraordinary in their ability to increase your sexual pleasure and assist you in making sure your Kegel exercises are more effective than ever, so there’s never a need to worry about how satisfied you will be with them in the end.

The Best Duotone Ben Wa Balls – What to Look for When Buying Them

Duotone Ben Wa balls are perfect for beginners, but in fact, anyone can use them and enjoy them. Because they are light and the balls are attached to one another, they can be easier to use for those who have never before used Duotone balls.

Like other types of Ben Wa balls, Duotone balls come in various designs and sizes, so you can start by determining which ones sound comfortable and will fit your level of experience. This means taking the following aspects into consideration before you buy your very first set of Duotone Ben Wa balls:

  • Materials: Do you want plastic or glass balls? Remember, almost all Duotone Ben Wa balls are covered with silicone or ABS plastic anyway, but if you have a preference regarding the balls underneath, do some research into the ones you’re interested in to make sure you end up with the right material.
  • Size: Although most Duotone Ben Wa balls are between 1 and 2 inches in diameter, some are smaller or larger. Remember, it’s best to start out with larger, heavier balls when you’re a beginner, because this way you can move up gradually to the size and weight that is best for you.
  • Maintenance: To use any type of Ben Wa balls, you need to thoroughly clean the balls both before and after each use, so if you’re not willing to do this, you might not be ready to be the owner of Duotone Ben Wa balls – or any other type of Ben Wa balls, for that matter.
  • Basic use: Some Duotone Ben Wa balls are a little different than others, so whatever you’re planning to use them for – either sexual stimulation or increased effectiveness of Kegel exercises – you need balls that will suit those needs.

A little research into the product you’re planning to buy will help, and whether you purchase the item in a regular store or online, it should be easy to get the information you need to decide which set of Duotone Ben Wa balls is best for you.

The packages provide complete details about the product, and if you’re in a regular store, all you have to do is ask a salesperson. Buying the best Duotone Ben Wa balls for your needs really isn’t that complicated, especially if you utilize a little common sense.

Duotone Ben Wa balls offer many advantages over other types, but the small weights inside of them seem to be what women like the most. Even if you move around very little while you’re wearing this type of Ben Wa balls, you can still get the sensation that was intended when the balls were made.

Like all other Ben Wa balls, you should empty your bladder before inserting the balls, make sure you practice with them at home before venturing out in public, use them for only four to six hours per day, and make sure you wash them with mild soap and water both before and after each use.

Best of all, it only takes a little practice to become an expert at Ben Wa balls, and the experience is one you will never forget.

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