The vagina is an incredible organ. The muscles inside it are some of the most flexible and hardy in the entire human body. Not only can a vagina stretch to accommodate a penis in order to have intercourse, it can even grow large enough to allow a human baby to pass through. You might not have properly thought about your vagina before, but in this article I’ll be outlining the muscles that are in there, and how it all works.

It has to stretch for a penis?

That’s right. In its default state a vagina wouldn’t even be able to handle some of the smallest penis’. It’s due to its incredible elasticity that it can grow to several times its normal size to let you enjoy the sex you know and love.

Perhaps the part of the vagina most people will be interested in is the vaginal canal. This is the section inside the opening, and where most of the feeling of tightness will come from during intercourse. If you worry that your vagina is too loose and it’s affecting your sex life, don’t panic! Almost every woman is well within the average when it comes to the vaginal canal. In its resting state, the average vaginal canal will only be around 3.5 inches in length. The diameter (basically how wide it is) of the average vaginal canal ranges from just under an inch to about 1.5 inches. Much smaller than most people think!

If it’s really as small as I’m saying it is, you might be wondering how you possibly fit anything in there. It’s all made possible by the muscles of the vaginal walls. These are incredibly flexible muscles, which can grow by nearly two inches when you have intercourse. Sexual arousal is important though, as the more aroused you are the larger your vaginal canal will grow. This explains why sometimes when having sex, the vagina might feel looser or tighter than other times. It all depends how aroused you are. If you find that even getting things into your vagina at all is very difficult, it might be worth trying longer periods of foreplay before assuming that your vagina is just too tight. Similarly, if you spend hours fore-playing with your partner before actual intercourse, chances are your vagina will be very lubricated and have grown a large amount, meaning sex might not feel quite as tight as normal.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to the experience of sex than you might have first thought!

Is that the only important part?

While the vaginal canal is the main area used during sex, it’s where the penis goes after all, it isn’t like the rest of the vagina doesn’t matter. Many women worry what their vagina looks like, or that the labia (the “lips” that form the outer part of the vagina) are too big, or saggy, drooping, all kinds of different things. It’s important to remember that all women are different, and there really isn’t a “normal” vagina you should be aiming for. There are basically two sets of labia, an inner and an outer. Whichever you choose to look at, you should know that the size of these lips can vary wildy from woman to woman, with some studies showing differences of up to 3 inches between the largest and smallest participants! They aren’t even the same size as each other. Nearly all women have a different right and left labia, so a perfectly symmetrical vagina is an incredibly rare thing to occur naturally. While vaginal surgery is possible to change the look of your labia, it isn’t even proven whether this has any beneficial effect on your self-confidence or sex life. As long as you’re comfortable, and not experiencing any pain, you really shouldn’t worry about the shape or size of your vagina.

If everything’s fine, why do so many websites tell me I can get a tighter vagina?

As mentioned earlier, the only thing that really effects the actual size of your vagina is the level of arousal you experience during sex. You might have seen countless websites advertising products like gels, weights, or even just exercise routines claiming to tighten your vagina. While these sites aren’t exactly lying, they are slightly misrepresenting things. While I can’t really argue for any benefit of creams or gels, the exercise regimes, and in particular Kegel exercises, do actually help you get a “tighter vagina”. Likewise, any tools which are designed to aid or amplify Kegel exercises such as Kegel balls are able to offer some genuine benefits in a journey towards a "tighter vagina".

It isn’t actually the vagina which is getting tighter though, but the muscles around it. The pelvic floor muscles, or pubococcygeus muscles, are basically the base of your torso, and hold everything in place so it doesn’t just simply fall out of your bottom. These muscles also control the opening and closing of the urethra, anus, and perhaps most importantly, the vagina. When exercises are claiming to tighten your vagina what they actually mean is that they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This lets you have much more control over the opening, being able to clench and grip onto things whenever you like. So, if you want a tighter experience during sex you can grip onto a penis with your vagina and that is where the real feeling of a tighter vagina comes from.

Hopefully this clears up some of your vaginal fears, and shows you how important the pelvic floor muscles are in maintaining a “tight” vagina.

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