Ben Wa balls have been used for centuries to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure and to make Kegel exercises a lot more effective, and although most of them are made of metal, plastic, or glass, there are also specialized Ben Wa balls that come with an extra feature or two. This includes the vibrating Ben Wa ball, which can easily be considered a combination of a regular Ben Wa ball and a vibrator.

The wireless vibrating Ben Wa ball offers the same advantages of the regular Ben Wa ball, but it comes with a little extra oomph because of its ability to vibrate, making it a very popular item in many women’s nightstands.

What Is a Vibrating Ben Wa Ball?

Vibrating Ben Wa balls are almost always wireless, and they often come with a remote-control device that has various speeds on it. Usually made of materials such as silicone and ABS plastic, vibrating Ben Wa balls often come in colors that the ladies love, including pink, rose, lavender, and many others. The balls are usually made up of a single piece or two separate pieces, the second piece being the RC device.

The balls often have USB chargers with them to keep them charged, and they work for a very long time afterwards. The remote-control devices come with up to 10 different speeds, allowing you to work your way up to total ecstasy.

They are safe, easy to use, and offer something for everyone, so even if you are used to regular Ben Wa balls and are a little bit hesitant to try the vibrating kind, you have little reason to worry. Vibrating Ben Wa balls will not intimidate you, because they are as user-friendly as you can imagine.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls are usually shaped like regular Ben Wa balls, but many look similar to other sex toys, including a products known as love eggs.

In fact, vibrating Ben Wa balls come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they are a type of Ben Wa ball that offers a little extra punch and attitude when you’re trying to increase the effectiveness of your Kegel exercises and wish to increase your sexual pleasure as well.

Like regular Ben Wa balls, the vibrating type is always weighted to keep them inside the vagina for as long as possible, and they offer the following advantages:

    • They are often doctor recommended and even doctor designed, which means once you use them to start your Kegel exercises, you can rest assured knowing they will produce excellent results every time. In fact, many women have found that within a week, they notice a difference in the tightness of their vagina, so for a lot of women they work very quickly.
  • They are made for women of all ages and with all types of conditions, so whether you want to prevent prolapse before it’s too late, find traditional Ben Wa balls a little bit boring, or have recently undergone some type of gynecological surgery, these vibrating Ben Wa balls are for you.
  • Some come with an app you can download that helps you keep track of your Kegel exercises. You can track the results in Real Time so that you can stay motivated, which is naturally going to produce faster results.
  • Because they are made out of high-quality materials, vibrating Ben Wa balls easily conform to your body and are very comfortable and easy to use. Although they can be made out of many different materials, most of them are made out of a premium type of silicone that is antibacterial, phthalate- and BPA-free, soft and nonporous, and of course, waterproof for your convenience. They are also extremely easy to clean, as most of the time they can be cleaned with warm water or a cleaner specifically made for sex toys.
  • They are made for women of all ages and with all types of conditions, so whether you want to prevent prolapse before it’s too late, find traditional Ben Wa balls a little bit boring, or have recently undergone some type of gynecological surgery, these vibrating Ben Wa balls are for you.
  • If they do come with a special app, you can often use that app to control the intensity just like you would the remote control. This is something not all women do, of course, because for some women it can be a bit complicated, but it is possible nonetheless, especially if you are tech-savvy.
  • Most of them work with either AA batteries or with lithium ion batteries, both of which are easy to replace when the time comes.

In addition, vibrating Ben Wa balls are quiet and, therefore, very discreet, and they are perfect for those women who think regular Ben Wa balls aren’t as exciting or as stimulating as they want them to be. Although most vibrating Ben Wa balls are wireless, some instead have cords attached to them, but in these cases the cords are usually roughly 20 inches long, providing you with enough length to thoroughly enjoy your Ben Wa balls.

Cleaning and Basic Care Instructions

Like regular Ben Wa balls, vibrating Ben Wa balls should be cleaned both before and after you use them. Depending on what they are made of, this usually means cleaning them with mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Of course, the easiest way to know for sure is to carefully and thoroughly read the instructions that come with the product, because that’s the only way you can be certain of doing the right thing.

The reason it is so important to clean the Ben Wa balls before and after use is because it greatly reduces the risk of infection, which – although rare – does occasionally happen when you use either regular or vibrating Ben Wa balls.

In addition to keeping them clean, vibrating Ben Wa balls should also be kept in a cool, dry place, and you should always keep an eye on the battery at all times, especially if it’s been a while since you last used the product.

The battery should always be fresh and clean, so if it’s been a long time since you last used your Ben Wa balls and you notice any leakage coming out of the battery storage area, it is time to discard those batteries.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls need to remain clean and free of any leakage, and their batteries should be changed regularly to keep them working efficiently and safely for a long time. So, as you can see, vibrating Ben Wa balls really are very simple to take care of!

Are There Risks Involved with Vibrating Ben Wa Balls?

If you use a little common sense and purchase your vibrating Ben Wa balls from a reputable store, safety will never be an issue. A high-quality Ben Wa ball is always going to be made of waterproof materials that are specifically designed for this type of product, so you should never have any problems with infections or irritations.

If you do experience one of these things, stop using the product immediately and do a little research into the reasons why you are experiencing them. In fact, it should be very simple to ascertain the nature of the problem, and if you have a good battery in it and there are no loose parts in the product, it could very well be that you purchased your vibrating Ben Wa balls from the wrong store.

How to Use Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

Much like regular Ben Wa balls, the vibrating ones are inserted into the vagina after it is turned on, and if you have a remote control, you’ll be using that device to control the operation and the speed of the balls. Once again, starting out by using it only minutes at a time is highly recommended if you’ve never used either regular or vibrating Ben Wa balls in the past.

It may feel a little different than regular Ben Wa balls, but because of their smooth, soft design and high-quality materials, it will be both easy to insert and very comfortable. Try keeping it in for 15 minutes at a time twice a day to start out with, then increase the time as you become more comfortable with it

Using vibrating Ben Wa balls is not that different than using regular Ben Wa balls, but the sensation you’ll feel while they’re inserted is quite different, especially because the remote-control device gives you a sense of control and lets you change the amount of stimulation you receive the entire time.

.If you add to all of these things, the fact that vibrating Ben Wa balls can often be used anally as well as vaginally – something regular Ben Wa balls don’t offer – you’ll understand completely why this product is gaining in popularity year after year.

Vibrating Ben Wa balls offer a lot of extras when it comes to both doing your Kegel exercises and increasing your sexual pleasure, and as long as you purchase a high-quality product and take good care of it, you should be able to use it for a very long time. You should also have no trouble finding one that is within your price range, because most of them are not that expensive.

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