Mystique Jade Yoni Eggs Set of 3



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Finding your sexuality and being comfortable with who you are, comes from discovering what arouses you sexually. It may include touching yourself or caressing your partner in ways that fulfill your sexual fantasies.

To rediscover yourself, we have the Mystique Jade Yoni Eggs Set to help you out! This fantastic set of yoni eggs is made of Jade. A mineral that is commonly known for its healing energies. This set offers 3 different sizes to accommodate your changing needs.

The largest egg has a length of 1.9 inches and a width of 1.2 inches. A great size to add to your yoni eggs journey for they're easy to keep inside the vagina, but still has that expanse that you need to really feel that fullness of being stuffed down below.

As you go through and improve with your Kegel exercise routine, you want to challenge yourself continuously and try to insert smaller eggs inside your pussy. Don't worry about that for we have medium and smaller-sized yoni eggs to fill your need.

The smaller yoni eggs will help you progress steadily in strengthening and toning your pelvic muscles. The smaller dimensions will cause you to exert more effort in squeezing them to keep them in. Stronger pelvic floor muscles help maintain proper body posture and good breathing rhythm.

These eggs all have a smooth surface that you can use to rub sensitive body parts during foreplay. When one of the yoni egg is inside your pussy, use it to massage your g-spot every time you move around in performing your daily tasks. Make your partner super horny when you tell them that you've been masturbating all day!

So, take a leap of faith and find your sensual self with these amazing Mystique Jade Yoni Eggs Set now. You can thank us later when you start reaping the benefits.

Color Dark Green
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Jade
Dimensions (in.)


Small - 1.25 inches

Medium - 1.5 inches

Large - 1.9 inches


Small - 0.9 inches

Medium - 1.1 inches

Large - 1.2 inches


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