Glass Ben Wa Balls

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Glass Ben Wa Balls

Like a prostate massager is to men, Ben Wa balls have been useful and beneficial to women for their sexual pleasure and long-term health. These small but advantageous balls have been helping women for thousands of years. As they were first introduced as sex stimulators for men, they slowly evolved to favor the other by experimenting with different materials, textures, sizes, and features. Vaginal tightening and, more intense stimulations and orgasms are the main reasons why they are so widely used. Unknowingly at the same time, Ben Wa balls also provide long-term health benefits to prevent potential diseases in the rectum, uterus, and bladder.

While diamonds and pearls are a girl's best friends, Kegel enthusiasts have glass Ben Wa balls to treasure. When silicone and metal seem uninteresting to you, glass can be a perfect option to consider. Who wouldn't fall in love with the smoothness and flawlessness of each transparent glass sphere? A solid material that will fill you up and arouse you with every clink that they make when they begin to bump each other. The material is sturdy enough to not chip and break easily (especially when it's in your body) and free from any chemicals that could harm your body. Their string and chain attachments are also made from high-quality materials that are safe to use internally and won't cause any damage.

Probably the best thing about using glass Ben Wa balls for your Kegel exercises is the fact that most of them are transparent. When it's your partner who inserts them in, the few seconds of getting to see the inside of your vagina can turn them on and might even ask for sex right then and there! We also have a few sets with colored glass if you prefer your Ben Wa balls to have some hue and personality. A special transparent set with flower design is perfect for those who want to bring out their delicate feminine side.

How you choose to have your glass Ben Wa balls attached all depends on you. As previously mentioned, all materials used are made from high-quality materials so there's no need to worry about how you'll be affected by them. The usual string attachments come in either nylon or cotton that secure each ball with a knot and ends with a metal pull ring. If you want to feel dominated and rebellious, our metal chain attachments will serve you well. They're more secure and easier to clean. Glass Ben Wa balls with no attachments are best for Kegel experts and adventurous go-getters. Finally, if you're stuck between having with or without the attachments, the sets with silicone pods or jackets will fit you well. You can use the balls on their own or place them in their pods to add more control and support.

The future is crystal clear for the thrill and pleasure seekers with our glass Ben Wa balls. Once you've explored and experienced their worth and value, trust us when we say that you'll keep coming back for more.

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