Can it get stuck? It’s a question that’s asked almost any time a woman decides to put an object inside their vagina, and ben wa balls are no exception. Nearly any answer you’ll find though is just a very simple “no, things can’t get stuck in your vagina”.

For some people, this answer is more than enough and they’ll happily go about whatever business they had planned. In that case, we’ll repeat it again. Ben wa balls cannot get stuck inside your body. Feel free to stop reading and go and have some fun!

You’ll notice I said “body” and not “vagina” that time though. Technically ben wa balls can get stuck in your vagina. This isn’t something you should really worry about though. Confused yet?

To put the issue to bed once and for all, we did some investigation to find out exactly what’s going on in your lady parts and give you the definitive answer to the question “Can ben wa balls get stuck in your vagina?”.

What’s in a Vagina?

The obvious place for use to start is the vagina. We all should know what it is and what it’s used for, but how many of us really know what’s going on in there?

To answer our question there are three important parts of the vagina we need to examine: the uterus, the cervix, and the vaginal canal. Each plays a key role in a woman’s sexual function, but outside of the basics there are many things we don’t all know about.

Gateway to Femininity: The Vaginal Canal

Almost all of us will be familiar with the first part of the vagina. The vaginal canal serves as the entryway into the female body, and the part that we interact with on a regular basis.

It’s a truly magical place, and one of the most important aspects of it is the ability to grow to double its original size when aroused.

In fact, the average length of a woman’s vagina is only three to four inches! If it were as inflexible as some believe even accomodating a rather small penis would be a bit of a challenge.

Even with a tube that can get so much longer than usual, it can’t carry on forever. Eventually any object put into a vagina is going to reach a barrier, and that barrier is the cervix.

Guardian of Birth: The Cervix

On our journey deeper into the female body, the next part we’ll encounter is the cervix. This is essentially a small channel between the uterus and the vagina, and as such forms somewhat of a barrier between the two.

Most of the time the cervix remains closed, and the muscular tissue that surrounds it remains very hard and rigid.

The opening is slightly depressed, and is generally no larger than the size of your thumb.

The rest of the cervix, much like the vagina, forms another tube which leads to a second opening and after that the uterus.

Natures Oven: The Uterus

The final part of a woman’s sexual system is the uterus. This part is much more familiar to all of us, as it’s the part where the fetus develops and grows during pregnancy.

Just like the vagina, the uterus can grow much larger than its regular size, reaching the size of a watermelon during the later parts of pregnancy.

Despite the ability to grow a huge amount, the uterus generally returns to roughly it’s original size after childbirth.

Wrapping Your Head Around It

So why am I discussing the vagina in such an anatomical detail? Well the simple answer is, understanding how these parts interact with each other can make the overall picture much clearer.

During sex, the only part of the female body that you interact with is the vagina. The same goes for when you use sex toys, perform kegel exercises, or in our case, when we insert ben wa balls.

If your partner or sex toy happens to be particularly large you might reach the cervix too, but you won’t be able to pass through it and poking it can be quite painful for some women.

Following intercourse, sperm can find its way through the cervix and into the uterus in order to fertilise an egg.

Don’t worry though, sperm are the only things which can pass through in everyday life, as the opening is small enough to prevent nearly everything else.

Outside of sex, there are two times when a woman’s cervix may open up. These are childbirth, and during a period. When menstruating, the walls of the cervix relax and soften a little to allow the walls of the uterus to shed.

During childbirth, the changes are much more extreme. The entire cervix flattens itself and dilates by several centimeters to allow the baby to pass through and out of the body.

So the Cervix CAN Open Up!

Here is where we get to the crux of the argument. Whenever you look up any kind of device which goes into the vagina, the same reassurances are told to you time and time again.

Nothing will ever get stuck inside because the cervix will stop it. The big question though, is if your cervix can open up for periods or childbirth, what’s to stop it opening up any time it wants?

Well it all comes down to estrogen. This chemical is a key part of the female body, and at times of higher levels of estrogen (such as childbirth or menstruation), the cervix can soften up and relax, allowing it to open.

When you are going about your normal day to day routine, your estrogen levels are much more normal so your cervix will remain firm and closed at all times.

While this does answer some questions, there are a couple of further things this can raise. What about using ben wa balls while on your period? Or if you’re pregnant?

Will the cervix be relaxed enough to let your ben wa balls pass through? In short, no. The amount your cervix opens up `during menstruation is very slight, nowhere near large enough to let something as big as a ben wa ball pass through.

Pregnancy on the other hand, is a little different. Generally in the earlier parts of the pregnancy you should be okay to use ben wa balls, and then as your pregnancy progresses you should ease up on their use.

We don’t guarantee anything, and there are other considerations like bacteria and infection that can affect your use while pregnant. Always consult your doctor before introducing anything into your body while pregnant.

So ultimately, the simple answers you’ve seen online are in fact right. Your ben wa balls can’t get stuck inside your body because the cervix simply won’t let them. Think of it like a one way street. Things can come out but they very rarely are able to get back in.

But it Feels Like My Balls Are Stuck!

Sometimes, despite all the best knowledge we have, you might be completely convinced that your ben wa balls are stuck inside you.

Usually this will just be a case of you becoming more aroused than when you inserted them and them travelling further up the vaginal canal than you were expecting. There are some simple ways to get them back out though, so you shouldn’t worry!

If you do feel like your ben wa balls are stuck inside your body, try one of these techniques:

  • Spread your legs and bear down: It’s similar to the way you push when you have a poo. Many times after a gentle squeeze the balls will just fall out. You might want to do this over the toilet so you can easily retrieve the balls.
  • Cough or sneeze: The sudden force of both coughing and sneezing can somewhat bounce your pelvic floor, helping your balls to break free and come out of the vagina.
  • Add more lube: Sometimes both your vagina and your ben wa balls will dry out a bit while you wear them. Adding more lube can help to get everything moving again.
  • Jump up and down: If regular methods aren’t working, you can try letting gravity help to pull your balls down and out.
  • Get active: If nothing else has worked then try forgetting about the balls and doing some exercise. Generally the movement will help to loosen the balls up and when you go back to pull them out things will be much easier.
  • Get aroused: As we discussed earlier, your vagina gets much wider and longer when you become aroused. This extra room can help free up your ben wa balls so you can fish them out a little easier.
  • Don’t panic: The most important thing you can do is not to get stressed. Whenever we panic or worry the majority of our muscles become more tense which can cause them to grip the balls more tightly.

So there we have it. Can ben wa balls get stuck in your vagina?

Well, yes… But it isn’t something you should worry about! It’ll happen to all of us at some point and as long as we don’t panic they’ll come out eventually.

If this has been plaguing your mind and stopped you from trying out ben wa balls then hopefully you’re a little more at ease now. Pick up a set today and start reaping some of the amazing benefits they offer!

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