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When the pinnacle of pleasure becomes elusive, it’s time to take these Luscious Cherries Kegel Balls in and let them work out those PC muscles to revive those withering petals.

Unbox the product and you’ll find five wonderful, cherry-shaped Kegel balls in different shades of purple. Hold each in your hand and you’ll notice they vary in weight. The lightest weighs 30g and the heaviest is 110g. It is definitely the perfect set when you’re aiming for Kegel training that progresses from a beginner’s level to an advanced phase. This allows you to further enhance and maintain your sexual wellness and health.

Each ball is made of ABS steel enclosed in ultra-safe silicone, a material that’s hypoallergenic, non-porous, and non-toxic. Expect some jiggles as you move as what’s in the core of the cherry is a small metal ball that rolls or knocks the steel layer. Feel the mild, pleasant vibrations as you walk, take the stairs, or simply sit on a rocking chair. Their cords are long and elastic for your man’s pleasure of tugging.

Want your man to be running home from work? Lube and insert one and tell him your naughty secret to compel him to fantasize about all the kinky and wild stuff you two could do together. He’ll skip a bottle of beer at his favorite bar and will be fast and furious getting home. Meanwhile, after a set of Kegel workout, your little cunt is oozing with juice. You’re ready for your man’s hard cock! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. After a few weeks of regular Kegel training, experience more intense, lasting orgasms.

Thanks to Luscious Cherries Kegel Balls, the peak of pleasure is reachable.
So, if you’re longing to feel your heartbeat racing, your breath getting deeper and faster, and your body twitching with delightful sensations, grab a set of Luscious Cherries Kegel Balls!

Color different shades of purple
Type Kegel Balls
Material medical grade silicone+ABS
Dimensions (in.)



cherry cord: 5.86in

Width 1.37in
Weight 30 gms., 40 gms., 60 gms., 85 gms., 110 gms.


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