Ben Wa Balls vs. Kegel Balls

There are many different types of Ben Wa balls and numerous types of Kegel balls and a lot of the main differences consist of how they are marketed and promoted. If you’re interested mostly in a more productive way to perform your Kegel exercises, you can use any number of Ben Wa or Kegel balls. On the other hand, the tools known specifically as Ben Wa balls are designed and used mostly by women who want to increase their sexual pleasure.

What Are the Main Differences?

Essentially, Kegel balls are balls that you use while performing your Kegel exercises and they can include Ben Wa balls of all types and even other products such as the Yoni egg. Kegel balls usually consist of small weighted balls and are specifically geared towards women who want to increase the effectiveness of their Kegels whereas Ben Wa balls are normally used specifically for sexual gratification. Both Ben Wa and Kegel balls come with or without a string but the string is very effective for beginners to both of these products because they make removal of the tool a lot easier.

In many situations, the terms for these types of balls are used interchangeably. For instance, they can be called not only Kegel or Ben Wa balls but also Venus balls, Orgasm balls, Geisha balls, and Love balls, among others. Again, the main difference isn’t in the balls themselves but in how they are used.

Plastic vs. Metal

Both Ben Wa and Kegel balls come in two basic types: a type of plastic such as silicone or a type of metal, usually stainless steel. If you choose the metal type, they can come with or without small weights inside, which is especially effective when you’re performing Kegel exercises. Yoni eggs are normally made out of some type of stone, most commonly jade, and are made for a total sense of well-being in addition to more effective Kegels and better orgasms.

Are the Costs Any Different Between the Two?

This is definitely one area where it won’t matter whether you purchase Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls. With both of these products, you can find them in dozens of stores, including both brick-and-mortar and online ones, and in many different price ranges. Depending on where you purchase yours, the price can vary quite a bit because the price is largely dependent on the quality of the materials the balls are made of, the size of the balls, and the brand name.

Some brands and some materials are simply a lot more expensive than the others. Of course, the more expensive brands are not necessarily better than other brands that are cheaper, and vice versa. This is where a little due diligence on your part can make a big difference. It behooves you to research not only the products but also the companies and stores that make them. In the end, of course, the only thing that matters is how well they work. If you find a product that you’re happy with, the rest of these things simply don’t matter.

Also keep in mind the two main functions of both Kegel balls and Ben Wa balls: to improve and strengthen the muscles on your pelvic floor, and to increase the intensity of your orgasms and your next sexual experience.

If these are the only two things that you care about and the size and weight of the balls isn’t something you intend to be concerned about, then it really doesn’t matter which ones you purchase. When all is said and done, both Kegel balls and Ben Wa balls do a great job with these two very important tasks so the rest is really up to your own personal preferences and tastes.

Why Is the Pelvic Floor So Important?

While we’re on the subject of strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor, let’s further discuss why this is so important. Over time, women’s pelvic floor muscles weaken due to things such as childbirth, menopause, hormones, and the overall aging process. This can lead to a host of physical and even emotional problems including incontinence, the inability to enjoy sex or achieve orgasm, and much more.

Worrying about leakage whenever you sneeze or cough is no way to live but the good news is that there is something that you can do about it. Regular Kegel exercises, particularly when combined with using either Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, are extremely effective at making your pelvic floor muscles a lot stronger. This can help with all types of problems from reducing leakage whenever you sneeze or cough to increasing the intensity of your sexual experience and making your orgasms both more frequent and more intense.

If you’re unsure whether or not this is true, simply ask a doctor or do some online research. Kegel exercises are not only proven to do all these things and more but gynecologists have consistently recommended these exercises for their patients of all ages and in many conditions. In fact, they have been doing this for decades and they would’ve stopped with the recommendations many years ago if Kegels were ineffective. Bladder problems are also common in many women, which contributes to the same problems as weak pelvic floor muscles, but Kegel exercises help the bladder work better just as they help the pelvic floor muscles become stronger.

If you go to the gym and work out with weights, you will notice an increase in the size of your muscles, usually a lot sooner than you were prepared for. Now just imagine doing these exercises without dumbbells or free weights. Yes, you can move your arms and squeeze and flex your arm muscles but the truth is that your muscles will build up much more quickly and even much bigger when you perform the exercises with weights.

The same is true for building up your pelvic floor muscles. You simply don’t get the same effect when you practice your Kegel exercises on your own without first inserting Kegel or Ben Wa balls. The Kegel or Ben Wa balls allow your pelvic floor muscles to build up and become stronger much more quickly than doing the Kegels alone.

Doing Kegel exercises with Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls also increases the blood flow to that part of your body, which automatically makes your next sexual experience that much better. If you’re past menopause, you can even increase the thickness of your vaginal walls and increase your natural lubrication with these basic exercises so they go a long way in improving your sexual and physical health.

Some Final Thoughts

Although there are some differences between Ben Wa balls and Kegel balls, both products do a great job of doing what they set out to do, which is increase your sexual pleasure and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. You can think of Ben Wa balls as a type of Kegel ball; although different women choose different products to use, the truth is that they are both high-quality, very effective items.

"Doing Kegel exercises with Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls also increases the blood flow to that part of your body, which automatically makes your next sexual experience that much better."

Doing some research and even testing them out for yourself is a great way to end up with the tool that is right for you. Many of the differences between the two products simply depend on the user’s personal preferences so when it comes down to choosing between Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls, it is up to you to decide on the product that is right for you.

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