Sultry Goddess Black Yoni Eggs with Wand Set



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The satisfaction of reaching your sexual peak can be very beneficial to your mind and body. Nowadays, when everyone is self-conscious about how they performed in bed, it is important to know what you want in bed and what you can do to satisfy your partner.

When you are ready to discover your body, the Sultry Goddess Black Yoni Eggs with Wand Set can help guide your way. Yoni eggs, in general, have been used for so many years, even during the ancient times. Their sole purpose? To awaken people's dormant sex drives.

These are made from obsidian mineral, which is believed to have healing and calming energies. This variant comes in with 3 sizes of eggs and has a wand for you to be well prepared as you progress into a more complex Kegel exercise routine. The smallest egg has a length of 1.18 inches and a width of 0.78 inches which is a very nice dimension to practice your pelvic floor breathing exercises.

The main idea is to be able to keep the eggs inside the vagina while you do your daily routine whether you're at home or in the office. By squeezing in and exerting a certain amount of effort inside the vaginal walls, the muscles will be able to hold the egg inside. These actions can actually activate your pelvic floor muscles and if done regularly, can improve women's reproductive health.

These muscles are vital in having a good posture and a normal breathing rhythm. Strengthening your pelvic muscles can actually improve these bodily functions. Aside from that, you are being sensually stimulated inside and aroused by the hefty eggs massaging your vaginal walls. Cleaning these sex toys are also easy as they can be washed with soap and water, dried and stored in a cool place.

So start your sensual journey now with our Sultry Goddess Black Yoni Eggs with Wand Set now!

Color Black
Type Yoni Eggs,
Material Obsidian
Dimensions (in.)


Small - 1.18 inches

Medium - 1.57 inches

Large - 1.77 inches

Wand - 4.3 inches


Small - 0.78 inches

Medium - 0.98 inches

Large - 1.18 inches

Wand - 0.86 inches


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