Knitted Cravings Glass Kegel Ball



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A sound mind and body include knowing what your sexual drive is and how to reach your sexual peak.

Masturbation is such a healthy practice. Masturbating on a regular basis will not only improve your sex life but will also enable you to be confident in what you want to achieve with your sexual partner. It is always good to explore what is out there especially if you are aiming to give pleasure and of course, get one in return.

Our Knitted Cravings Glass Kegel Ball is specially made for those that are looking to find their inner sex vixen and at the same time reap the health benefits of a good kegel exercise routine.

Since this fantastic sex toy is made of glass, with the proper care and maintenance, it could last for a long time. Glass can also give you that lusty heaviness that, when inserted, can fill in the sweet spots inside the vaginal walls to arouse you and take you to the edge of ecstasy.

The diameter or width of the ball itself is 1.38 inches which is a lovely expanse for a smooth insert but still can massage the G-spot. The toy is connected to a 7.88-inch chain so you can easily pull it out when needed.

The aim is to insert the ball inside the vag and exert enough effort to keep them inside. With this action, you are engaging the pelvic muscles, making them stronger. A well developed pelvic muscle has a lot of health benefits which includes being able to control bladder and improved posture.

Aside from this, you are able to have stronger orgasms and tighten vaginal walls and therefore improving your sexual performance as a whole.

Don't be shy, you know you want some good self lovin too! Grab this Knitted Cravings Glass Kegel Ball now!

Color Transparent
Type Kegel Balls
Material Glass
Dimensions (in.)
Length 7.88 inches
Width 1.38 inches


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