Chained Desires Glass Kegel Ball



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Owning a diverse selection of sex toys and contraptions can be a major asset for any women. Exploring what is good for you will be a great way to feed your sexual appetite. In turn, you'll possess the confidence necessary to indulge in passionate lovemaking with your partner.

Kegel balls are not only sex toys that you can play around with to make yourself happy, but it's also been proven to improve women's reproductive health in the long run.

Take a look at our Chained Desires Glass Kegel Ball. It has a nice blue round shaped attached to a steel chain. At first, it may seem a little unassuming to look at, but don't ever take this little toy for granted. It can change your life and give sex a whole new meaning.

The thought of inserting the glass ball inside your pussy and trying to keep it inside by contracting your pelvic muscles may sound absurd at first, but medical experts are recommending it for your physical and mental health.

Yes, that is right! Medical experts are recommending it because squeezing your pelvic floor muscles for a few minutes each day strengthens the muscles that restores your vagina's elasticity. Give your partner the surprise of their lives when they find their cock getting squeezed with a vise-like grip!

Having stronger pelvic floor muscles will enable you to achieve stronger orgasms and in the long run, tighten up your vaginal walls as if you're magically a virgin once again. If you're someone that has incontinence, this exercise will help you gain back your bladder control.

This toy is made of premium glass that is very elegant to look at and can last for a very long time if maintained properly and correctly.

What are you waiting for? Order our Chained Desires Glass Kegel Ball now!

Color Blue
Type Geisha Balls, Kegel Balls
Material Glass
Dimensions (in.)
Length N/A
Width 1.58 inches


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