Types of ben wa balls

Ben Wa Balls, much like Kegel balls, can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These differences are all important, as they can affect your overall experience when using your Ben Wa Balls.

Materials used in Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls can be made from a variety of different materials, and which you choose will have an impact on your experience while using them. Some of the most popular materials used for Ben Wa Balls are steel, glass, silicone and jade. For most people, silicone will be the easiest material to start with as they are the easiest to hold in. Silicone balls tend to be slightly larger than the other materials as well. Although it may seem counter intuitive, it is actually easier to hold in larger balls as you have more surface area to grip.

Jade may seem like a strange material to use for Ben Wa Balls. These Ben Wa Balls are sometimes called yoni eggs, and depending on your beliefs, the different types of jade can help with various aspects of your personal health. Even if you don’t believe in that kind of thing, the different types of jade look very pretty, and are usually handcrafted so they each are quite unique. With these Ben Wa Balls it is extra important to thoroughly check the surface before use, as any cracks or damage may cause problems inside your vagina.

Types of Ben Wa Balls

There are a good variety of Ben Wa Balls available on the market today. Which you choose to buy will largely depend on what you want to get out of your experience using the balls. There are four main types you will come across. Kegel Ben Wa Balls, Duotone Ben Wa Balls, Vibrating Ben Wa Balls, and String-based Ben Wa Balls.

Kegel Ben Wa Balls tend to be a bit larger than the other types, and are solely designed with your Kegel exercises in mind. They tend to be a bit more rigid to help work your muscles while you wear them. Another benefit of Kegel Ben Wa Balls is that they can be bought with adjustable weights, so as you build up your Kegel regime you can add weight to your balls and keep using the same ones.


Duotone Ben Wa Balls are hollow, and have a second ball inside the first. These are based on some of the historical versions of Ben Wa Balls which were made with a solid exterior and a mercury core. These balls are able to jiggle and vibrate once you’ve inserted them, stimulating your vagina at the same time as working your pelvic floor muscles.



Vibrating Ben Wa Balls lean much more towards the pleasure side of the scale rather than the health side. These will come with either a wire which attaches to the bottom of the ball and sticks out while you wear them letting you control the vibration, or will be remote controlled. The remote controlled variety tends to be much easier to use and keep clean, and if you’re having some fun with a partner you can let them use the remote and choose when your balls vibrate!


String-based Ben Wa Balls aren’t a hugely different type, but they are worth talking about. These balls are designed for people who aren’t comfortable with putting multiple loose balls into their vagina. While it’s impossible for you to actually lose anything in your vagina, a lot of people don’t like the thought of it happening so they prefer to have the extra piece of mind. The strings can either be actual string, or silicone tethers. The silicone variety is the best to go for, as traditional string is porous and will absorb germs and bacteria even after proper cleaning.

Size and weight matter too…


Ben Wa Balls can not only come in a variety of designs, but also a range of sizes and weights. This is important, as depending on the condition of your pelvic floor, some Ben Wa Balls can have a lot less impact than others, and some may quite simply fall out. In most cases, the larger and lighter then Ben Wa Ball, the easier it will be to hold in your vagina. The smaller and heavier you go, the more difficult it becomes.

Most beginners will want to begin with larger balls, and when they feel comfortable keeping those in begin to move to smaller and heavier ones. The important thing is to pay attention to how they feel while you wear them. If at any point it feels like the balls are just sitting in there without much effort it’s probably time to move onto the next size down or next weight up.


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