Contrary to what many people believe, Kegel exercises are not just for women. Men have pelvic floor muscles, too, which means strengthening those muscles can make a big difference when it comes to both medical problems like incontinence and numerous problems in the bedroom.

Kegel exercises consist of a squeeze-and-release motion using the muscles of the pelvic floor, which you can find easily if you picture the muscles that are used whenever you stop urinating in mid-stream.

This is an important first step, because you don’t want to be performing your Kegel exercises incorrectly, as this will negate any effect that you were hoping to gain from them.

You can perform Kegel exercises while sitting on an exercise ball or even sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Starting out slow is always recommended if you’ve never before done any Kegels, then you can build up to a reasonable number after you’ve had a chance to get used to them.

Kegel exercises for men can help with incontinence, eliminating hemorrhoids, and sexual problems that include erectile dysfunction and even premature ejaculation.

They are simple to do, completely painless, and take up very little of your time. Eventually, you’ll want to include them in your daily routine from now on, which will keep your pelvic floor muscles strong for the rest of your life.

The Basics

Unbeknownst to many people, Kegel exercises are thought to actually increase penis size, but you have to do the right type of Kegels in order to achieve this result. The exercises do not literally increase the size of the penis, but they do help contribute to the intensity of your being engorged, which helps you stay harder longer.

In addition to clenching your pelvic floor muscles in order to stop your urine in mid-stream, most men also know what it’s like to squeeze the pelvic floor muscles after an orgasm in order to release that last bit of semen.

In both of these cases, what happens is that the blood shoots forward into your penis once those muscles are squeezed. In most cases, the blood simply flows back out again, and this is enhanced by performing your Kegel exercises regularly and tightening up those pelvic floor muscles.

If you learn to do exercises that actually trap the blood in your penis, it will stretch the tissues and cause your penis to feel larger over time. In fact, this growth can result from either stretching the tissues and pulling them from the outside, also known as penis extenders; or by pushing from the inside with blood.

Of these two methods, the second one is most enhanced by doing your Kegel exercises regularly and will, in fact, help make your penis feel larger over time. In other words, adding Kegel exercises to other exercises can help you stay harder for longer periods of time, which means the size won’t actually matter in the end.

Some studies claim you can increase the size of your penis by doing this, while others claim the result is only a longer, harder erection, but in any case the results are considered great results for the many men who enjoy them.

The Right Exercises

There are many methods that claim to increase the size of the penis, and when those methods are combined with Kegel exercises – meaning you literally do them at the same time – the results are usually very positive.

Essentially, the recommended course of action is to start with one of the above exercises, then perform your Kegel exercises once your penis is fully engorged.

However, there are a few things you need to remember before this occurs.

When researching these exercises, you’ll notice that many of them have a warm-up phase or a beginning phase for people who have never before tried them, and this is an important part of these exercises.

In fact, if you do not perform some type of warming-up activity, you can actually overwork your pelvic floor muscles and even cause discomfort to the penis. If there is a “warm-up” phase, it is crucial that you pay close attention to it and do everything it says.

To begin with, the exercises that are recommended when you want to improve the size of your penis include:

    • Jelqing: similar to masturbation, this technique involves stroking the member starting at the base of the penis and working up to the tip.
    • Edging: similar to masturbation, except that you stop masturbating right before you feel like you’re going to ejaculate.
    • Clamping: these are actual devices called clamps that you place on the penis at different times once you’re fully erect.
    • Vacuum pumping: this is a device that uses a vacuum action to increase the size of the penis.
  • Water pumping: similar to vacuum pumps, these pumps are filled with water before the penis is placed inside.

Second, it is important that you start slowly and build up from there. At first, you may be able to do only one Kegel exercise because after all, your penis is going to be engorged while you’re performing the exercise.

Work your way up to 5 Kegel repetitions, then very slowly work up to 10 or 20 repetitions if possible. Take your time doing this, because this isn’t a contest. If you want to see real results and see them quickly, paying attention to these tips is extremely important.

Does this mean that your penis is actually longer or thicker in this instance? Again, it depends on which study you choose to listen to, but the fact that this will almost always result in longer, stronger erections is still a very positive benefit of performing these exercises together.

Kegels Are More Beneficial Than You Think

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles works wonders for your life in the bedroom, and if you’re doing these in addition to male-enhancement exercises, the results can usually be seen in roughly six weeks’ time, provided you’ve worked up to three sets per day of at least 10 repetitions each.

If you don’t see results quickly, it is normally for one of two reasons.

The first reason is that you aren’t using the correct muscles; that is, you are using other muscles instead of your pelvic floor muscles. The second reason is that you have a medical condition such as a weak bladder.

If Kegels aren’t working, the best thing to do is to see your doctor for a complete physical because this is the only way to know for sure that your lack of success isn’t a result of something medical.

In addition, if you aren’t using the correct muscles – your pelvic floor muscles – it is easy to change that, because again, all you have to do is go to the toilet, start urinating, then stop the urine in mid-stream. The muscles you use to accomplish this action are the same ones that you’ll use for your Kegel exercises.

Male Enhancement Supplements – Do They Work?

Many people are curious about male-enhancement supplements because they are unsure about some of the other techniques that are recommended for increasing penis size.

Once again, it depends on which study you read, but many experts have concluded that performing your Kegel exercises regularly and using a male-enhancement supplement works better than the techniques mentioned above, which can, in fact, be somewhat painful in the beginning.

At the very least, male-enhancement supplements increase your sexual stamina and your performance, and once you combine this with the great sexual benefits that you’ll get from regularly performing your Kegel exercises, it is very likely you’ll be very pleased with the results.

The Many Advantages of Kegel Exercises for Men

Just like women, Kegel exercises offer enormous benefits for men, as well. Even if combining Kegels with other types of male-enhancement products and techniques doesn’t actually increase penis size, it does give men more confidence and energy in the bedroom, which will increase the pleasure for both him and his partner.

Since performing Kegel exercises by themselves can decrease the incidents of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, not to mention enable you to have more frequent and more intense orgasms, this alone is a great reason for doing them.

However, there are many other reasons for doing Kegel exercises if you’re a man, and these include the following.

  • You can be a lot healthier overall. This is because regular Kegel exercises help with various medical problems, including easing or eliminating both urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids. Because you’ll be healthier and suffer with fewer medical issues, it can really help your prowess in the bedroom.
  • You will increase your stamina in the bedroom. Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men, and since regular Kegel exercises can reduce or even eliminate this problem, your time in the bedroom will naturally be more productive and enjoyable.

    Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing event for men, and when they feel there is no need to be afraid that this will happen, they will naturally show more confidence in their ability to please their partner.

  • The blood flow and nerve supply will return to your pelvic region. This can result in stronger and longer-lasting erections and more intense and regular orgasms, which is something no man has ever said “no” to.
  • Your sexual response will increase. Overall, your sexual response and function will be greatly enhanced, which, once again, will give you tremendous self-confidence and therefore enable you to perform better in the bedroom.

Tips for Making Your Kegel Exercises More Effective

Whether you choose to do your Kegel exercises with male-enhancement techniques or even with supplements – or by themselves – there are things that you can do to make sure that the exercises are productive and fruitful. Below are some of those tips.

    • Make sure that you are using the right muscles. This may sound easy, but it is quite simple to eventually find out that the muscles you’ve been using are the wrong ones. Kegel exercises work quickly, but only if you use the right muscles, so finding your pelvic floor muscles quickly is your first step to being successful when you’re performing your Kegel exercises.
    • Only utilize your pelvic floor muscles and no others. Never tighten your stomach, lower-back, or leg muscles while performing your Kegel exercises. This will not only make the exercises more difficult to do, but it can also take away from the benefits you’ll receive in the end. When you’re doing your Kegel exercises, make sure that your pelvic floor muscles are the only muscles you’re using.
    • Don’t forget to breathe. Just like working other muscles, you should never hold your breath while doing your Kegel exercises. Breathe normally throughout the entire session, and your muscles will thank you for it later.
  • Always start out slowly. If you can only do 5 Kegel exercises the first day, that’s all right. Different articles and books will recommend different numbers of exercises, but if you work up to three sets of at least 10 repetitions each, you should see some real results from your Kegels.

    However, build up to that amount slowly over time because just like other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles can be overworked and even become sore.

Although the jury is still out on whether Kegel exercises can increase the size of your penis, it is a fact that Kegel exercises can increase the self-confidence you feel in the bedroom.

With fewer worries about erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, this is no wonder, and because regular Kegel exercises can also greatly improve your overall health, your performance in the bedroom is very likely to improve, as well.

Kegels can also increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms, so even if adding these exercises is the only action you take to improve your love life, it will be well worth it in the end.

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