Many women worry at various points of life about their vaginas, especially after childbirth. They feel like their vagina is loose, saggy, flappy, and all kinds of other unflattering adjectives. While it’s almost never as bad as they think it is, it’s definitely true that some women will experience feelings of looseness down there at some point in their lives.

How do I know if my vagina is loose?

Before we get into exactly how to check the tightness of your vagina, I feel it’s important to point out that in most cases we aren’t actually talking about the tightness of the vagina, rather we are talking about the tightness of your pelvic floor muscles. The vagina is made of incredibly flexible and elastic skin. This is how it’s meant to be, and how women can fit in penises of any size and even fit children through it during childbirth. When a woman is aroused the vagina can grow by several inches, and when preparing for childbirth it can grow several times its original size. The pelvic floor is what holds all of this together, and when that becomes loose it gives the feeling that the actual vagina is loose. But anyway, here’s some methods to check just how tight everything is down there.

Try inserting just one finger into your vagina and attempt to grip it. You should be able to feel the vagina clamping onto the finger quite tightly. If you can’t try another finger and keep repeating the test. If you still can’t feel much of a grip or resistance from your vagina then there is definitely some looseness down there. Four fingers should prove to be a bit of a challenge for anyone unless you are extremely aroused.

Most of the other methods to check your vagina are a little less scientific and are evident when you are actually having sex. Things might not feel the same as it used to during intercourse. You might find it much harder than you used to achieving orgasm. There might just be less sensations and feeling down there. If you feel like any of these describe your sex life, it could be down to a looser vagina. Don’t start blaming that straight away though. Many things in life can also cause these problems, from stress to difficulties in relationships to anything else.

While it definitely can be a thing that your vagina feels looser than it used to, it shouldn’t be something that eats you up inside. All women’s vaginas change drastically over the course of their lives. Childbirth and menopause are two distinct areas where large changes take place. While you might feel loose and unattractive, chances are your vagina is just going through some changes. It might not end up back exactly where it used to be, but with a good Kegel exercise routine performed throughout your life, you can make sure that sex stays just as good as it always was, and all of your lower organs continue working just how they’re supposed to.

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