Weighted Ben Wa Balls

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Weighted Ben Wa Balls

Aside from being used to enhance and intensify sexual pleasure, Ben Wa balls are slowly but surely also starting to get recognized as a means of both prevention and cure of certain disorders which can only occur in women. Originally intended for the pleasure of men, women soon found out that the results of continuous use could benefit them also. Urinary incontinence, issues in their rectum, uterus, and vagina are just some of the health conditions that they can overcome when they begin to introduce the balls to their lifestyle and adapt them into their routine. We know that most of the balls do that anyway, but if you're more focused on health and are looking for other alternatives to help you recover, you've come to the right collection.

Weighted Ben Wa balls are in comparison, heavier than the usual and the weights can be customized to your needs and preference. They are the best ones to work with for two types of people: one of that is those who have been using Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls for a certain amount of time to know that they're craving and ready to go to the next level; another type is those who have been experiencing health issues regarding their bladder or uterus and want to gravitate towards Kegel exercises for faster restoration of their body's natural state. Being one or both of them make up for a big check mark to give the weighted balls a try.

With a lot of options for you to choose from, we can guarantee that you'll be able to find the right set for you. The majority of the balls are made from ABS with a silicone jacket, and purely silicone ones with the weights inside. As weighted Ben Wa balls are more focused on pelvic muscle training, most of the products are bundled in a set or a training kit. How many balls and how much weight you want to work with or how much you're advised to work with varies, which is why a set may be more suited for you.

Yoni eggs are included in this collection due to their shared mutual purpose with weighted Ben Wa balls. Yoni eggs are bigger and boast a more contoured shape than the balls. Besides Kegel exercises and treatments for disorders, they also aid in spiritual healing and provide assistance and guidance in the spiritual realm and everyday life. Different gemstones are used to create yoni eggs and each gemstone holds its own unique healing properties. No two types of gemstones can do the exact same healing properties. These are perfect for women who like to meditate and empty their minds while doing their exercises.

It's no surprise why weighted Ben Wa balls are starting to become more popular as they bring out both the pleasure and health all in one package. You'll be able to gain control and at the same time beat the odds when you get a hold of a set of your own. So go ahead and pick your favorite. You won't regret it.

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