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Silicone Ben Wa Balls've probably heard them so many times you decided to know more about them, and here you are. What are Kegels anyway? Kegel exercises involve the tightening and contracting of muscles in the pelvic floor are which is usually where your lady parts are. The pelvic floor muscle holds the bladder, bowel, and the uterus; and it's also responsible for holding your urine to prevent it from leaking. The workout involves the use of a ball or a set of balls by maneuvering them inside the vagina, contracting and relaxing them as you go. Think of it as your vagina lifting weights.

Pelvic floor muscle training does a lot of benefits than what you originally thought it could do. It can help the body prevent and even cure diseases that can occur in the same area such as urinary incontinence. Vaginal tightening is one of the main reasons why more and more women are turning to Kegel exercising more than ever. After all, who wouldn't want a tighter vagina? How about more epic and stimulating orgasms? A higher sex drive? More control over your organs during sex? These are just some of the few advantages of regularly using Ben Wa balls for your Kegel exercises. Need we say more?

Silicone Ben Wa balls are the number one choice for any level of Kegel trainer, any type of preference, any style, and any functionality. The flexible material is perfect for all kinds of desirable features and customizations to be fused into each set. We make sure that the silicone we use for all of our Ben Wa balls is non-toxic, BPA-free, medical grade, and body-safe.

Thanks to silicone's natural adaptive state, silicone Ben Wa balls are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. To name a few: we have individual balls with or without string attachments; a set of different weights with just one or different sizes; a training kit that includes everything you'll ever need; an inflatable (yes, we said inflatable) ball if you want something to control you rather than you controlling the ball; balls with rough "spikes"; and last but not the least, a vibrating set with different ways to control the intensity and speed. Those are just some of the few that we have in store for you. There's more where that came from.

In almost any situation, pleasure professionals will recommend silicone Ben Wa balls for all your needs. Starting out on your journey to Kegel exercises and are unsure of how to begin? You'll be introduced to simple silicone balls. Getting bored and need a challenge? Inflatable silicone balls. Want to add more stimulation and intensify your orgasms? A vibrating set is the way to go. Climbing your way up to fully master the ins and outs of Kegels? Then get a training kit, duh.

There's nothing more handy, convenient, comfortable, stylish, and chic to use for your pelvic floor muscle training other than silicone Ben Wa Balls. Check out our variety of products below and choose your favorite. Before you know it, you'll come hankering back for more.


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