Ben Wa Balls with String

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Ben Wa Balls with String

Hey, there, pleasure and thrill seekers! Welcome to the world of Ben Wa balls. You've chosen the right place to satisfy your womanly needs and more. Ben Wa balls have been making a name for themselves in terms of gratification and well-being. In all honesty though, who wouldn't fall in love with them? They give you the best of both worlds. They can satisfy and tease you with each bead as they contract and tighten your pelvic floor muscles, getting you excited for the next session and craving for more. As Kegel exercises, they provide health benefits without too much effort. There's no need to monitor and regulate anything yet you still get to have fun while you're at it. It's a win-win!

As you may have already known, Ben Wa balls are beads that go inside your vagina and create a sexual stimulation that's difficult not to take pleasure in. Professional Kegel users can manipulate and control the balls on their own without the need of any string attachments. But that might not be the case for beginners. Newbies can find themselves challenged with extracting the balls from their vagina and might even cause a surge of panic. There's no need to worry as the balls will never get lost inside. But it's still helpful to start with Ben Wa balls with string attachments while you're getting used to them.

Anything that has a string you'll find in here. You'll see a variety of Ben Wa balls with string made from silicone, ABS, metal, and even glass. All materials used to make the balls are high-quality, medical grade, and safe to use inside the body to prevent any infections and side effects that we wouldn't want you to have. The string attachments can be made from cotton, nylon, fused into the balls with silicone and other materials that are also body-safe.

As you look through the products, don't be surprised when you see a few yoni eggs in this collection. That's because like Ben Wa balls, yoni eggs are also great tools to use for Kegel exercises while having their own tricks up in their sleeves. Yoni eggs are made from precious gemstones which have their own healing properties, mainly focusing on the spiritual aspect. They are perfect to use for meditation and yoga. Each gemstone has its own unique healing properties; so it's best for to read through each product to find out the best type for you.

Both beginners and Kegel enthusiasts will love these Ben Wa balls with string for better control and some peace of mind. The string is always handy to have for easier removal and better manipulation. Different sizes are available to match with your level of expertise, you can easily find bigger bead sizes and even other shapes in this collection if you're feeling adventurous. A variety of colors is also available to suit your personality and style. There's nothing that you would want in a set of Ben Wa balls that you won't be able to find here. Where both quality and convenience is merged in a single product. We're excited for you on this journey!

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