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It's no coincidence that you are here, admiring these three yoni eggs in front of your screen. They are in sync with your energy, that's why these 3 Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Eggs set attract you in so many levels.

While these yoni eggs have been kept by ancient China as a secret, they are starting to get more popular among women in present times. Now that the secret is out don't hold your self back and leverage the benefits of what these tiny gifts can give you. These yoni eggs that are crafted from natural rose quartz, green aventurine, and black obsidian resonate pure love, fortune, and healing respectively. Combined with the health benefits of having stronger pelvic muscles, and increased sexual desires, it only makes perfect sense for you to secure this Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Eggs set in your possession.

The key to maximizing the use of your Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Eggs is by taking your time. Don't rush. Always take deep breaths, and make sure your body is ready. It is also a great activity to get to know your body well. Use some lubrication if you need to, and when the time is right, slowly slide your Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Egg into your vagina until it feels comfortable. These jewels were exquisitely carved from natural stones that's why they are smooth, which also helps in easy penetration If you prefer to use them with strings, look for the ones that are made from natural fibers. Each yoni egg measures 1.77 inches in length and 1.18 in width which is a perfect size for skilled yoni egg enthusiasts.

For first time use, make sure that your Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Eggs are cleaned using some water, lather with some soap and finally, soak them in warm water. You may also do the same when cleaning your yoni eggs after each use.

Don't let this rare connection pass and submit to these beautiful Feed-Your-Hole Yoni Egg.

Color Pink, Green, Black
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Natural Stones
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.77 in.
Width 1.18 in.


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