Romantic Beating Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set



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Rose quartz crystals combine energies that can open the heart's chakra. It is believed to endure all kinds of love: platonic love, self-love, and romantic love.

Our Romantic Beating Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set is made of this amazing mineral. These stones come in 3 different sizes to cater your ever-changing Kegel exercise needs and also comes with the wand for those who are ready to play the most challenging of Kegel exercise routines.

The length of the smallest egg is 1.2 inches with a width of 0.8 inches, a great measure for those who just starting in their yoni eggs journey. This set comes in a wand that boasts a length of 4.1 inches with a width of 0.8 inches. With these measurements, a skilled Kegel practitioner will have the time of her life and will also reap maximum benefits everytime she will use our set.

Kegel exercises have tons of wellness advantages including an improvement in posture and bladder control. To perform these movements, you need to take a comfortable position, preferably lying down on your back. The yoni eggs are to be inserted with the aid of a water-soluble lubricant.

After you insert one of the toys inside the vagina, the challenge is to lock them inside even when you are doing a daily task by making a clenching motion inside the walls of the v-hole. These actions will stimulate the most sensitive areas of the vaginal walls and will make you wet all throughout.

Long- term practice of Kegel exercises will tone your pussy and make it tighter; improving your overall sexual experience.

The smooth surface of this toy will make for a nice rubbing device to use in your sweet areas when you are feeling a little frisky on your own or with your partner.

Feel the love and order our Romantic Beating Natural Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set now.

Color Pink
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Rose Quartz
Dimensions (in.)


Wand - 4.13 inches

Cord - about 3.93 inches

Yoni Eggs

Small - 1.2 inches

Medium - 1.6 inches

Large - 1.8 inches


Wand - 0.8 inches

Cord - n/a

Yoni Eggs

Small - 0.8 inches

Medium - 1 inch

Large - 1.2 inches


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