2cm Heavy Erotica Balls with Pull Ring



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Strengthening your pelvic muscles is a great way to engage your inner strength and be able to take control of your sexual drives. This muscle has a great contribution to our arousal and engaging this not only benefits your sex life but most importantly your body functions as a whole.

A great way to wake up this muscle is the use of a ben wa ball. The 2cm Heavy Erotica Balls with Pull Ring is a great toy to start your kegel exercises. The balls of this toy have a diameter of .90 inches, great size and are made for a hassle-free insertion but with a nice dimension to play with.

This is made of steel, a great material when you want to have that sense of heaviness and a very sturdy property that will last for a long time. These balls are also very adept to changing temperatures so they can be used for a good temperature play if that is your kink. This is also waterproof so getting a little naughty in the shower is not a problem.

The key to this toy is being able to keep them inside the vagina for a period of time by contracting your pelvic floor muscle and in the process putting them into work to strengthen them. You have to insert this toy when you are in a very relaxed position, with help from your good lubricant.

As you feel the balls inside you, you will love the weight of the steel caressing the most sensitive parts of your body. And, as you go about your daily routine, you have to clench them inside. This movement will not only tighten your vagina but will also arouse you in ways you have never felt before.

So, grab this toy now and start the fun!

Balls: Silver

String: Black

Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (in.)
Length: Not Given
Width: .90inches


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