Red Romance 3 Sizes Jade Yoni Eggs



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Healing is not just for the wounded. It is important to give healing to your bodily functions as you age. Making time to heal may be difficult and often requires an individual to take time away from work, or to make other lifestyle changes that are often difficult and sometimes impossible. How about trying a rejuvenating exercise that you can try at home?

Ben wa balls have been around for many years and are used by some women to open up themselves to natural healing. It can also bring self-pleasure and at the same time could engage the pelvic floor muscles for immediate gratification and a long term of a good sex drive.

We have the amazing Red Romance 3 Sizes Jade Love Balls to help in finding your inner vixen using what you already have to enhance your bedroom appeal. These eggs have a small, medium and large variation so that you will be able to adjust accordingly. The smallest ball has a length of 1.1 inches and a width of .78 inch, a nice practice size for you to take a feel on how to control these sex toys.

As you progress, you will find yourself craving for a bigger ball to fill in that hunger inside and this variant has you covered with the medium and even large variant.

The challenge will be to keep this toy inside the vagina in the midst of your daily routine. Imagine engaging those dormant muscles and making them stronger every time you place the ball inside. These ben wa balls are also made of red jade, a great stone known for its healing properties.

Strengthening these muscles will make your vaginal walls stronger and tighter. It's time to heal your body. Start your healing journey with these ben wa balls now!

Color Red
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Red Jade
Dimensions (in.)


Small- 1.1 inches, Medium- 1.6 inches, Large- 1.7 inches


 Small- .78 inches, Medium- .98 inches, Large- 1.1 inches


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