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Yoni Eggs are some of the most versatile sex toys available in the market. It can be a toy for you to use to explore your body and at the same time enjoy the many health benefits of using these eggs in your kegel exercises.

The Torrid Green Lust Orb Set of 3 is one of the best starter pack for you to try on using these amazing devices. This model comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, that will test and challenge your pelvic muscles. The smallest stone has a length of 1.2 inches with a diameter of .90 inch, just enough expanse for a beginner to try on and still be able to fill in with that lusty heaviness that these eggs are known to give.

As you go on your yoni eggs journey, you will discover how you are able to progress into much larger eggs for a much deeper sexual touch and this variant has you covered for that. These stones are also made of naturally occurring jade which has healing energies.

You have to be able to keep the toy inside your vagina while you walk or do your daily routine through clenching in and using your pelvic muscles. This action will help you tone this very important group of ligaments which helps in your breathing and posture. The long term use of yoni eggs is proven to produce a big upgrade in achieving orgasm and also tone the vaginal walls.

This will also caress the most sensitive parts of the pussy making you wet and horny as you move around. That is hitting a lot of amazing advantages in one stone, literally!

Try this amazing set now, you don't know what you are missing!
Color Natural Green
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Natural Green Jade
Dimensions (in.)


Small- 1.2 inches, Medium- 1.6 inches, Large- 2 inches


Small- .90 inch, Medium- 1.2 inches, Large- 1.3 inches


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