Pink and Black Rhondonite Yoni Egg



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Rhodonite is a natural mineral with pink rose color and marbled with black streaks. In Greek, rhodon means rose, and just like its color, it symbolizes unconditional love. So, if you are looking for something that would spice up your lovemaking energy, then you have found the perfect yoni egg for you.

This Pink and Black Rhodonite Yoni Egg magnifies the love vibrations, and if placed inside your house of jewel, it directs all these energies to you. It gives you an opportunity to explore different positive emotions during your sexual journey. It's so powerful that it attracted you to be here, staring at it, and learning more about it.

Our Pink and Black Rhodonite Yoni Egg comes in a set of three in varying sizes. This will allow you to have a little feel of which yoni egg is perfect for you. The small variant measures 1.18 inches in length, and 0.78 inches in width, 1.57 inches in length and 0.98 inches in width for the medium one, while the large variant is at 1.77 inches in length, and 1.18 inches in width. Those who are just starting with their yoni egg journey may find the large size to be more suitable, while some use both medium and small sizes at the same time for a more pleasurable sensation.

For a stronger connection with your Pink and Black Rhodonite Yoni Egg, make sure to manifest your desires to it. Just like any natural healing stones, it can resonate your messages to the universe. You can do so during your meditation, and just before you wear one of your yoni eggs. Once your desires have been manifested, you may stay in a lying position, and if you are aroused, then you may slowly push your Pink and Black Rhodonite Yoni Egg until it completely goes in. If needed, use your oil or water-based lubricant for a smoother experience.

Attract the love vibrations and make sure to add this to your collection now.

Color Pink and Black
Type Yoni Egg
Material Rhodonite
Dimensions (in.)


(S) 1.18 inches (M) 1.57 inches (L) 1.77 inches


(S) 0.78 inches (M) 0.98 inches (L) 1.18 inches


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