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Don’t let these big pearls fool you as home ornaments, while they may look pleasing to look at during the day, these ben wa balls can make your eyes closed from heightened sexual pleasure.

Our Heavenly Pearls Ben Wa Balls will liven up your sex life and put James Deen’s performance to shame. This is ideal for both men and women, our ben wa balls are designed for pure sexual satisfaction regardless of your gender is.

Lock up your doors, close your windows, and dim down the lights after a long day of work. Insert our Ben Wa Balls smoothly into your hole with your preferred lubricant for maximum pleasure. Our Heavenly Pearls Ben Wa Balls are what you need to switch it up your bedroom game with your significant other.

Ladies, it’s time to give your man the best gift you could ever give: A mind-blowing sex life! Work those pelvic muscles and tighten up your vagina with our carefully made ben wa balls. You’ll not only give your lover the time of his life, but you’ll also achieve increased orgasm pleasure, and you will orgasm more frequently, so women who are having a hard time reaching climax, these ben wa balls are for you!

These strings of four ben wa balls are the same ball; however, we’ve designed each ball to bring different stimuli for your sexual pleasure. Our ben wa balls have the diameter of 4cm, making it ideal for both advanced and beginners.

Slowly pull the ring out from your vagina or ass to bring out a super exciting sensation! Enhance your urinary bladder control and keep your vagina healthy with our white anal ben wa balls. Follow a regular schedule for 30 days, and feel like a virgin once again!

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Color Milk White
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material ABS
Dimensions (in.)
Length Overall Length - n/a
Width Bead Diameter - 1.57 inches


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