Anal Ben Wa Balls

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Anal Ben Wa Balls

Without a doubt, Ben Wa balls provide satisfaction while also offering a few extra perks and health-related benefits. Ideally, the balls are strictly for vaginal use only. Under in no circumstances should they be used for your anal. Ben Wa balls are not made for anal use and could get lost in your rectum. But we're gonna let you in on a little secret...since we know that there would be some daring and adventurous individuals out there who would like to try the impossible, we've decided to compile different sets that are safe enough to use in the anus. You got it right, we're introducing you our very own Anal Ben Wa balls.

To reiterate, Ben Wa balls are not originally intended for anal use. However, our team soon discovered that they are still some of our products which can be inserted in your anus. They work so well that you can disguise them as anal beads. Our general idea is to use Ben Wa balls with string attachments to prevent the beads from getting lost in your rectum. While they don't bring the same amount of satisfaction as to what the usual beads do, they can still give you a sense of fulfillment in your rear.

Just like our regular Ben Wa balls, our anal Ben Wa balls are made from high-quality materials that meet the rigid requirements for safe internal use; they're non-toxic, free from any dangerous elements, and non-porous. Choose from your preferred material such as glass, stainless steel, silicone, and ABS plastic. Each product has its own number of beads that you can also choose from: you can go less is more; or the more, the merrier. The ends of most of our anal Ben Wa balls are knotted into a loop or have a metal pull ring attached to make the removal process simple, quick, and easy.

If that's not enough, our anal Ben Wa balls also have variants that vibrate to your heart's content. Thanks to their adjustable controls, you have full power over the intensity and speed of the vibrations. You can start with a gentle, almost massaging tingle, and gradually work your way up, ending the excitement with an intense pulse. Some of the vibrating balls have their own vibration modes preset for your convenience. Just plug the beads in and vibrate all of your happiness on this single contraption. Spice it up a bit more by placing a vibrator on your clitoris or insert Ben Wa balls inside your vagina for that beginner's taste of double penetration!

As you can see, anal Ben Wa balls are not that bad. They are made from the same type and quality of materials that offer the same benefits. They can also be repurposed for your Kegel exercises as well. Anal gratification and easy-to-achieve orgasms are at the palm of your hand when you grab one of our Ben Wa balls dedicated for your rear friend. Go through each of our products and pick your favorite or grab them one by one to collect them all!

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