Most people are aware that Ben Wa balls come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and even sizes, but a lot of women don’t yet realize that there are now Ben Wa balls that are electric.

Since Ben Wa balls are used for two main purposes – to increase the effectiveness of your Kegel exercises and to increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms – you can easily choose the right type for you, depending on the effect you want.

If you’re shopping around for Ben Wa balls because you want better results from your Kegel exercises, any type of Ben Wa balls will do. However, if sexual pleasure is what you’re seeking, a set of electric Ben Wa balls might just be one of the best purchases that you’ll ever make.

Electric Ben Wa Balls

Electric Ben Wa balls are amazing devices, and one of the most unique characteristics of them is the fact that many of them come with small remote-control devices that actually allow you to change the speed in order to increase your sexual pleasure.

Many of them have up to five speeds or more, and you can sure have a lot of fun switching from one speed to the next so that you get the absolute most from your Ben Wa balls.

Electric Ben Wa balls can be made of various materials, including silicone and metal, and they often come with USB chargers and are operated by a small battery that you can replace whenever the previous ones no longer work.

More often than not, these batteries are commonplace batteries, such as AA or AAA, so you never have to search far to get the batteries you need to keep the Ben Wa balls going.

The stores that sell electric Ben Wa balls sell only high-quality sets made by top-notch, reputable companies.

The balls are completely waterproof, fully rechargeable, and some even come with an app you can download to your phone or other mobile device, allowing you to keep track of your progress as you venture from the slowest speed to the highest and most-intense speed available.

Of course, some electric Ben Wa balls come without a remote control, as these are made of one piece that you simply turn on and insert inside of you. With or without a remote control, however, this product definitely adds a little oomph to your next session with your Ben Wa balls.

The electric Ben Wa balls made today are high-tech devices that work extremely reliably, so whether you just want to add a little pizzazz to your routine, or you prefer to take it up several notches, these products will never let you down.

Furthermore, because the product is often made with a silicone or ABS plastic cover or harness, you can even purchase your electric Ben Wa balls in various colors, including a sexy black or colors such as purple, pink, and even blue. After all, if you’re going to have fun with your Ben Wa balls, why not enjoy every aspect of them, including the color?

Think of electric Ben Wa balls as an electric vaginal massager, one that allows you to enjoy a hands-free activity that will thrill both you and your partner every time. In fact, the latter is one of the most overlooked and forgotten advantages of electric Ben Wa balls, because once it’s inserted, your partner can also enjoy its many benefits.

Perfect for romantic nights out, or even while enjoying a shopping spree or a nice dinner at a restaurant, electric Ben Wa balls also last a long time after they’re charged. Once they’re fully charged you can usually enjoy these balls for several hours at a time, which is long enough to handle even the most intense pleasure-filled evening you may be wishing for.

If you’re a beginner to electric Ben Wa balls, not to worry. The ones that offer many different speeds allow for even the least-experienced Ben Wa ball-user to enjoy them, because the different speeds make it easy to move up to the speed that is most comfortable for you. In addition, the fact that these items are 100% waterproof means you can use them in the swimming pool or even the bathtub.

Just like other types of Ben Wa balls, the electric ones also come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Most electric ones look a lot like the electric sex toys called bullets or eggs, and much like other Ben Wa balls, they are great for increasing sexual pleasure for both women and men.

Since electric Ben Wa balls are usually a single unit that you place inside the vagina, they are normally not round-shaped or actual balls, but instead, they are small units that are often shaped like an egg. They do an extraordinary job of increasing your sexual pleasure, and the ones that include a remote control also enable you to feel more in control than you ever have while using a sex toy.

Are Electric Ben Wa Balls Safe?

As long as the electric Ben Wa balls you purchase are bought from a reputable store and made by a top-notch company, they will be safe for you to use.

Of course, it is always recommended that you follow all instructions exactly, because each brand is a little different, and learning all of the rules regarding their safety is crucial.

If you want to keep your electric Ben Wa balls as safe as possible, keeping the batteries fresh is important, as is cleaning the balls both before and after each and every use.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used your Ben Wa balls, always check the batteries to make sure that they aren’t leaking and that they are otherwise in excellent condition.

Both before and after they are used, electric Ben Wa balls need to be checked so that they are always in good condition.

This makes them a little bit different than the manual type of Ben Wa balls, which have no batteries to check and no electric parts to be concerned about. This doesn’t mean that they are high-maintenance, however. You just need to make sure that they are working properly before proceeding.

In other words, using some common sense and following all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the electric Ben Wa balls is all you need to make sure that your set stays safe for many years to come.

Price of Electric Ben Wa Balls

Like other types of Ben Wa balls, the electric types come in many different price ranges.

You can spend as little as $4 or as much as $95, although most electric Ben Wa balls won’t cost you more than around $50.

Of course, the main thing to remember when you’re shopping for electric Ben Wa balls is to make sure that you only purchase them from a reputable store, which can include both brick-and-mortar and online stores, and make sure that the manufacturer is reputable, as well.

Doing some research on the Internet can help you with both of these activities because there is a lot of valuable online information regarding both stores and manufacturers of sex toys.

This includes thousands of personal reviews written by actual users of the products, which can help you a lot when you’re trying to determine which electric Ben Wa balls to purchase.

As long as you feel confident with both the store and the manufacturer of the Ben Wa balls, you can feel comfortable purchasing them regardless of how much they cost you in the end.

Best Electric Ben Wa Balls – What to Look for When Buying Them

Purchasing electric Ben Wa balls is much like buying other types, in that you have a lot of selection to choose from, and you can spend just about any amount that you want to. Once again, electric Ben Wa balls don’t always come in as many shapes and designs as other types of Ben Wa balls, but they still come in many different materials and colors.

One of the main decisions that you’ll have to make when you choose electric Ben Wa balls is whether to choose a one-piece device that you turn on before inserting into your vagina, or a two-piece device that includes a remote control, which allows you to enjoy many different speeds.

Both are dynamic types of Ben Wa balls, so essentially all you have to do is ask yourself how important it is to switch back and forth between different speeds while the device is inside of you.

Electric Ben Wa balls are no more high-maintenance than other types of Ben Wa balls once you learn to use them properly, so taking care of them is no more a problem than, say, taking care of the duotone balls or the glass Ben Wa balls.

Once you decide on the main type that you want – namely, with or without a remote control – the rest should be simple.

There are also slight variations in the methods required to keep it clean and safe, but those variations are slight, so in the end, it should be very simple to decide on the best electric Ben Wa balls for you.

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