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There is always a time in your sex life that you feel like you have become a little boring. During these moments, you always have to think of ways to improve your sex game and bring back your inner kink.

Don't worry for we have the Deep in Lust Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg to help you out. This variant of yoni egg features a beautiful hue of blue that comes from the natural color of the lapis lazuli which this is made of. This mineral is believed to balance the energies in the body and will emit vibes that encourages clearer perspective in decision making.

The length of this yoni egg is about 1.8 inches with a width of 1.2 inches, a great size for those looking for an easy insert inside but will still give that amazing massage inside the vaginal walls. These sex toys can be used to rub against sensitive parts during foreplay or masturbation, but the main use of this toy is to upgrade the kegel routine.

The idea is to insert this egg inside the vagina and be able to keep it locked inside the walls of the pussy as you do your daily routine or as you move around. You will have to do a clenching action with your v-hole, much like holding your urine when you want to pee.

This movement actually activates very important pelvic and vaginal muscles that aid in sensual stimulation and restoring vaginal tightness.

Through constant practice and use of this egg, you will naturally restore that youthful feeling inside for you and your partner. Not just that, this ball will actually massage the G-spot while in use and will make you wet and wild all day long!

So be proactive and take back what was yours, get this amazing Deep in Lust Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg now!

Color Blue
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Lapis Lazuli
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.8 inches
Width 1.2 inches


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