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Self-pleasure is such an important part of sex exploration that it is healthy to do it once in a while. It is good to know where are your sweet spots, so you know where to direct your partner in the bed.

As a woman, it is good to explore sex toys that not only will bring pleasure but also carries with it amazing health benefits as well. Our Lovely Curves Kegel Ball will be your partner in experiencing a new level of self-pleasure.

These balls are made from premium silicone that is hypoallergenic and waterproof. Silicone also has amazing stretchability that will aid in an easy insertion with the help of a water-soluble lubricant. These balls feature varying dimensions with the smallest variant measuring 4.52 x 1.29 inches (LxW). The largest variant, on the other hand, measures 6.49 x 1.18 inches (LxW), which makes for a great practice toy when you feel ready to upgrade your whole kegel exercise routine.

The idea is to be able to exert enough effort in the vaginal walls to keep the toy inside while you're busy performing your daily routine. As you clench the ball with your genitals, your vaginal muscles are actually activated and moved. Therefore toning them and improving blood circulation in your genital area.

A well activated pelvic floor and vaginal muscles will result in improved posture and better control of your bladder. Long term advantages of this muscular movements will result in a tighter vagina.

This could be done with a partner or during your solo times. The smooth surface of these balls will also feel remarkably great if you rub it around sensitive areas. These toys are also waterproof, so if you get your kink in some shower play, then this toy is for you.

Don't be shy and try our Lovely Curves Kegel Ball now!

Color Pink, Purple
Type Kegel Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Small - 4.72 inches

Medium - 5.90 inches

Large - 6.29 inches


Small - 1.37 inches

Medium - 1.18 inches

Large - 1.25 inches


Small - 35 gms

Medium - 52 gms

Large - 61 gms


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