Trembling Sensations Remote Controlled Ben Wa Ball



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Do you want to play something really exciting with your partner? Or maybe you are looking for something you can play with while on your own?

Our Trembling Sensations Remote Controlled Ben Wa Ball will be a great addition to your sex play and your solo sessions. This revolutionary ben wa ball can vibrate and comes with its very own controller so you or your partner can control the throbbing in between your legs.

This model is made of silicone, a great material that is known for its inherent stretchability and durability. Making it safe to use even for extended periods. The bright pink color will add a little more spunk into your playtime sessions whether with a partner or on a solo flight.

Use this toy to perform your Kegel exercise routine effectively. For beginners, you should be positioned in a very comfortable way and should use lots of water-soluble lubrication for a smooth insertion process and eliminate discomfort.

Once inside, you should be able to squeeze them and not let it slip out. Keep in mind that you're engaging your pelvic floor muscles with this action. The pelvic floor muscles are essential body parts that help in maintaining proper breathing and good posture.

Aside from that, these ligaments are helpful in maintaining bladder control, so by activating them through Kegel exercises, you are actually toning them and making them stronger. A well-built pelvic muscle is also essential in keeping your pussy nice and tight. You're taking your sex life to a whole new level just by doing your Kegel exercises on a regular basis!

With all the mentioned health benefits, you can also enjoy that sweet, lusty heaviness these balls are delivering inside the vagina. As this model can also vibrate, you can activate a nice throbbing action anytime you need an extra kick of stimulation.

So, grab this amazing ben wa balls now and start a holistic and fun way to enjoy your sex toy!

Color Pink
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Controller - 2.2 inches

Ben Wa Ball - 6.29 inches


Controller - 2.16 inches

Ben Wa Ball- 1.2 inches



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