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5cm Yoni Eggs - 9 Kinds to Choose From

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These yoni eggs are made from various types of crystal. These include rose quartz, blue and red golden sand, malachite, turquoise, opal, and tiger’s eye. These crystals are large (1.97 x 1.2 inches, 1.26lb) and can be used for exercising your pelvic region. Training your intimate muscles with a yoni egg can greatly increase your strength and flexibility, improve your love life, as well as provide you with numerous health benefits. These range from increased firmness and lubrication, to prevention of health problems associated with weak pelvic floor muscles.


Color/Type Rose quartz, Blue, Golden sand, Red, Golden sand, Malachite, Turiquoise, Opal,Tiger eye
Material used Mixed (Rose Quartz, Pallisandro classico, Blue gravel, etc.)

5cm x 3.5cm

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