Lush Velvet Throbbing Yoni Eggs Set



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Exploring your body means being able to delve into sex toys and the like.

It is such a natural thing to try and discover where your favorite spot is. And on that process, be able to build and satisfy your sex drive gradually. Sex toys are meant to assist you in this discovery, but what if there is such a toy that will give you great satisfaction but also can give fantastic health and wellness benefits?

Introducing our Lush Velvet Throbbing Yoni Eggs Set. A great batch of gorgeous looking eggs that will fire up your sexual desires. The smallest variant has a length of .79 inches and a width of 1.18 inches, an excellent fit for that lovely feeling of heaviness that can massage the sweetest spots of the vagina.

These toys are made with amethyst. A beautiful mineral with known grounding and healing properties. The concept is to insert the toy inside the vagina and being able to exert enough effort to keep it inside even when you are standing or doing daily chores. This will engage your pelvic muscle and strengthen them in the process. A well-developed pelvic floor will give you improved sexual desire and a tighter vagina, and to some even relief from incontinence.

When you feel like you have mastered the art of this exercise, which is also known as the Kegel exercise, you can then upgrade into using a larger yoni egg which this variant also has. A larger egg inside the vagina means more effort in keeping them inside, so practice really makes perfect when it comes to these eggs.

So take a step further and try a great sex toy that will give you both pleasure and a good health upgrade! Get our Lush Velvet Throbbing Yoni Eggs Set now!

Color Purple
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Amethyst
Dimensions (in.)


Small - 0. 79 inches

Medium - 0.98 inches

Large - 1.18 inches


Small - 1.18 inches

Medium - 1.57 inches

Large - 1.78 inches


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