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A large yoni egg can be a nice challenge for those who have been practicing Kegel exercises for a long time already. Kegel exercises are such a great way to activate your pelvic floor muscles, something that will aid in improving posture and breathing.

When you feel like taking your Kegel exercise routine to a whole new level, our Seductive Tiger Eye Yoni Egg is here to serve your needs. This amazing product proudly boasts a length of 1.78 inches with a width of 1.38 inches. Definitely a large-enough size for those looking to improve their overall Kegel exercise experience.

The whole idea of using a yoni egg in activating pelvic floor muscles is by clenching it inside. As you walk around and do your chores, gravity may try to pull them out, but with your effort to hold it in, you're toning those important pelvic muscles.

The large size will definitely require more effort on your part. Keeping it inside will be a challenge you've been longing for. Performing your Kegel exercise routine on a regular basis will significantly affect vital bodily functions.

For those who are suffering from leakage accidents, gain your confidence back as it can help you improve bladder control. Aside from improved bladder control, you'll be surprised that it can also stimulate your pussy and make it tighter than usual. This is because of the lusty pressure it creates as it pushes itself in the vaginal walls and will carry you to a climax as you have never experienced it before.

Since this model is made of tiger's eye gemstone, you can also benefit from the mineral's energies that exude balance, stealth, and vitality. This toy is going to incorporate wellness into your kinky play seamlessly.

What are you waiting for? Order now and reap all the promised benefits!

Color Gold, Black
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Tiger’s Eye
Dimensions (in.)
Length 1.78 inches
Width 1.38 inches


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