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A woman is a symbol of fertility. Her womb has the power to nurture life, and her female organ can bring out a human being to this world. Childbearing and childbirth are her gifts and destiny. She may seem invincible, but her reproductive organ takes all the beating. No matter how powerful she may seem, she, too, needs time to recover, and the best aid is a pair of Eve’s Mystical Balls.

You are a woman. You are powerful and invincible. Know, however, that your reproductive health needs some tending. Embolden your delicate part with Eve’s Mystical Balls.

The balls are joined by an ultra-safe silicone casing. Inside each ball is a smaller rolling weighted ball, responsible for creating those jiggles and subtle vibrations that stimulate, massage, and tone your pubic muscles. They are offered in two fashionable colors: purple and black.

Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed by this pair. The toy comes equipped with a cord for easy retrieval or tugging, if you must, for your kinky man.

Once you have this excellent Kegel exerciser in your possession, keep its pristine condition by washing it before and after use with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Whatever you do, don’t use silicone-based lube on it. Ensure that every part of it is dry before putting it in a clean container.

To prepare for a Kegel exercise, you need to empty your bladder. Then lube the exerciser and your vagina for ease of sliding it in. When the first ball is inside, start contracting and relaxing those inner muscles until the second ball gets in. Work out those muscles as you do your errands.

In a few weeks, you’ll get amazing results. Not only will those annoying leakage problems be gone, but you’ll also have a stronger pelvic floor that’ll prevent prolapse of lower organs. The bonus? More intense intimate sensations in the bedroom with your Adam.

Grab Eve’s Mystical Balls now to empower yourself more!

Color Purple, Black
Type Kegel Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.7 inches
Width 1.37inches


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