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The Bury Me Deep Silicone Ben Wa Balls are mini weighted metal balls popularly used for performing Kegel Exercises by women who are keen on improving the overall strength of their vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises have been known to improve bladder control, increase vaginal lubrication, enhance sexual experiences and make achieving truly satisfying orgasms that much easier and stress-free.

With the Bury Me Deep Silicone Ben Wa Balls, you have the option to get a two-ball or four-ball set, both for affordable prices you’re not going to find anywhere else. Each ball is made out of medical grade metal and encased in differently colored, skin safe and non-porous Silicone covering in a matte finish. The colors are green, red, pink and grey. They’re held together by a strong detachable Silicone string for easy removal of the beads after use.

Used with any water-based lubricants, the Bury Me Deep Silicone Ben Wa Balls are inserted into your vagina and kept there while you perform Kegel exercises. Clench and unclench your pelvic floor muscles like you’re holding in your pee and repeat as often as possible while you go about your daily routine.

You can use the Bury Me Deep Silicone Ben Wa Balls for as long as you want although beginners are advised to start with 15 minutes per session and slowly moving up from there. Insert them just before you head out for the day and keep them in while you're working, running errands or even swimming as they’re completely waterproof and discreet.

The product will be shipped in unmarked packaging. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Bury Me Deep Silicone Ben Wa Balls now and clench your way to a stronger and firmer pussy!

Color White, Green, Pink, Red, and Grey
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.2 inches
Width 1.33 inches


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