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Confidence is a great way to feel beautiful inside and out. It is not always easy to be confident about yourself, and more so with your sensual side. Getting to know yourself and exploring what makes you cum is a great way to establish what turns you on.

Our Vulvashious Glass Kegel Ball will be a great tool to lift your confidence to another level. These toys have a string made of silicone and kegel balls made of glass. The perfect combination for those looking for that distinct heaviness inside the vag with a little stretchability at the ropes.

This toy will help you achieve confidence in bed like never before. Use our Vulvashious Glass Kegel Ball as a great tool to assist you in your kegel exercise routine. Just insert them inside the vagina, and clench them using the walls of your pussy once you feel them inside of you. This action will engage your pelvic floor muscles. A group of ligaments responsible for some vital body functions like breathing and posture.

Toning them improves all these bodily functions in the process. While you gain all these amazing health benefits, don't forget how these balls are able to caress your pussy with its inherent heaviness and make you wet with every move you make. This is not only an excellent toy for lust play but a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

You can do all these alone or, to make it more exciting invite your partner to rub the device in your body as he/she can pull the device inside and out your cunt. It will be nice, hot foreplay that will lead to amazing sex!

So start cultivating your inner vixen now, don't be shy and get our amazing Vulvashious Glass Kegel Ball now!


Purple and Blue

Purple and Black

Purple and Yellow

White and Blue

White and Yellow

White and Black

Type Ben Wa Balls
Material String: Silicone Ball: Glass
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.24 inches
Width 1.17 inches


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