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Transforming your sex game for the better is always a great idea. Toys and other sex materials can be used to add a little spunk to your bedroom routine.

Our Lush Love Inserts Kegel Balls will be your new best friend as you try to reach varying heights of sensual euphoria. The Kegel Balls are made of a combination of a glass ball and a silicone string. The balls are also available in lovely hues of blue and gold with varying weights to accommodate your changing kegel routine.

These balls are used in advancing your v-hole exercises. To begin your Kegel exercise routine, you must first lie down in a comfortable position, for you to insert the toy inside. Using your finger, you must slide the toy inside being very generous with a water-soluble lubricant.

As you feel the ball mold around the walls of your pussy, you will then exert a squeezing action around the device and not let it slip outside when you stand up and proceed with your daily routine. The pressure you are exerting is toning up the pelvic floor muscles which will ultimately improve vital body functions such as breathing and posture.

These actions also activate the vaginal muscles that will help in bringing the elasticity and tightness it has while also intensifying sexual sensations. These wellness benefits plus the fact that while inside your pussy, the balls are lovingly caressing you G-spot making you horny all through the exercise! The strings are available once you want to pull this device outside your twat.

The best things could come in small packages. Grab these amazing Lush Love Inserts Kegel Balls now, and in a few days, the thing that could change your life will be waiting right at your doorstep!

Color Ball: Gold, Blue String: White
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Ball: Metal String: Silicone
Dimensions (in.)
Length 6.10 inches
Width 1.22 inches


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