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Exploring your body is a nice way to explore your sexuality and can boost sexual confidence. Touching the most sensitive areas will let you understand what you want out of sex with your partner. While doing that, we have the Passion Intertwined 2 pieces Kegel Ball for you!

These famous sex balls have health benefits and will stimulate you in ways you have never been touched before. This device comes in 2 models, one with a single ball and the other with two balls attached in a silicone string. The first model has one ball attached with a length of 4.72 inches and a width of 1.37 inches.

This will make for a great practice toy for those just dipping themselves in the ben wa balls experience. If you are a beginner, you are going to need a water-soluble silicone to be able to ease these toys inside your vagina. Just be very relaxed and take a deep breath as you use your finger to slide this inside. That feeling of heaviness alone inside will keep you horny.

Then, you have to keep these balls inside while standing up to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. This action is not just a healthy move that has a lot of benefits but it can also stimulate you and take you to the edge of your carnal threshold. The second variant with 2 balls attached can be used when you feel like you ready to take the next level in ben was ball play.

As you progress, you can even attach these 2 devices together to create a third version of this toy to play with. Silicone is such a versatile material because it has the ability to stretch and at the same time be very sturdy.

So grab these toys now and start the horny adventure!
Color Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


A- 4.72 inches

B- 6.22 inches


A- 1.37 inches,

B- 1.14 inches


A- 36 gms.

B- 53 gms.


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