4-in-1 Sheer Indulgence Ben Wa Balls Set



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Do you know what sucks about the regular vibrators? They only have one frequency mode function. Do you want to explore your body with more? You will definitely enjoy your “Me” time using the “4-in-1 Sheer Indulgence Ben Wa Balls Set”.

This 4-in-1 set has it all, with varying weights that suits your level and preference. It has a Single Ben Wa Ball which weighs 44 grams and this is for ladies who are just beginning to tighten and tone down their vaginas. It also has the Duotone Ben Wa Ball that is hollow and has a second ball inside the first which weighs 102 grams.

This kind of Ben Wa Ball is made with a solid exterior and a metal core inside. It can jiggle and vibrate once you insert this ball inside, thereby stimulating the vagina and working the pelvic muscles at the same time. The next product in the set is the Vibrating Ben Wa Ball which weighs 58 grams and is made for the purpose of pleasuring you. This is quiet registering at only 50 decibels. How cool is that! Lastly, the fourth item in the set is the Remote Control which lets you choose the among the 10 vibration frequencies in the Vibrating Ben Wa Ball.

All of the items in the set are waterproof and made of the highest grade silicone material. They are meant to be used at around 30 minutes a day only. The three Ben Wa Balls have a convenient handle that lets you control the balls and lets you easily retrieve them out after use.

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Color Pink, Purple
Type Vibrating Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Single Ben Wa Ball: 4.69 in.

Duotone Ben Wa Ball: 5.83 in.

Vibrating Ben Wa Ball: 3.98 in.

Remote Control: 2.40 in.


Single Ben Wa Ball: 1.42 in.

Duotone Ben Wa Ball: 1.10 in.

Vibrating Ben Wa Ball: 1.38 in.

Remote Control: 1.38 in.


Single Ben Wa Ball: 44 gms.

Duotone Ben Wa Ball: 102 gms

Vibrating Ben Wa Ball: 58 gms.


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