Oh, Nuts! Trainer Ben Wa Balls Set



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Why settle for the usual sex routines when you can level it up with our Oh, Nuts! Trainer Ben Wa Balls Set? This kit will definitely make you go nuts as you feel it inside your wet and slippery pussy.

Our Oh, Nuts! Ben Wa Balls consist of four silicone-based weighted balls with discreet handles. The weights of these toys add sexual pleasure to your pussy, causing you to cum more. Therefore, the heavier the ball you put in your cunt, the stronger the orgasm.

Our Oh, Nuts! Balls Set helps train your pelvis. It lets you use your vaginal muscles to control the movement and the direction of the Kegel exercise tool. As a result, it strengthens your pelvic floor and tightens the vaginal entrance, which benefits your partner.

Not only that; our Oh, Nuts! Trainer Balls help new mommies and those with urinary bladder problems. Since the ben wa balls help to strengthen your pelvis, it reduces the pain caused by giving birth. Moreover, it gives you control over your bladder; therefore, preventing urinary inconsistency.

Our Oh, Nuts! Trainer Set is also body-safe. These balls are hypoallergenic, soft, non-porous, and phthalate-free, making them safe to insert in your cunt.

Furthermore, the kit is travel-friendly and waterproof. The balls have a handy size, which makes them easier to carry anywhere. You can have a hot and naughty journey with or without a lover and play with your cunt while in the car, at the pool, at work or wherever it begins to throb.

They are ideal for temperature play too! Dip it in a bowl of warm water or put it in the fridge to give you multiple sexual sensations. With all these sexual and health benefits, there's no reason to look further as the Oh, Nuts! Trainer Ben Wa Balls Set can give you what your heart—or pussy—desires!

Color Lavender, Amethyst, Orchid, Violet
Type Weighted Ben Wa Balls
Material Silica Gel
Dimensions (in.)
Length 5.7 in.
Width 1.1 in. Weight: 20 g., 25 g., 15 g., 10 g.


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