Natural Enhancer Agate Yoni Egg Set



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Are you having trouble reaching your climax? The reason could be in your pelvis. Your pelvis becomes saggy after childbirth, giving you so much pain in your abdominal area. As a result, it affects your urinary bladder, and of course, your interest in sex.

Fortunately, there's a solution for your loose pelvis muscles. Introducing...the Natural Enhancer Agate Yoni Egg Set! It is one of the oldest forms of sex toys that our ancestors used for clearing their minds and improving their pelvic and vaginal health.

Our Natural Enhancer Agate Yoni Egg Set consists of three Jade Yoni Eggs. This stone is used for ornaments and gemstones and has a natural cooling effect.

Each egg varies in size. The biggest egg is ideal for toning and strengthening your pelvis. It lets you use the right muscles to hold the ball in place while inserted into your vagina. Once you get used to its weight, you can put the smaller egg inside you to level up your pelvic training and tone up its muscles.

But if adding the moisture and pleasure to your sex life is what you want, then the smallest ball is your best bet. This ball can hit all your erotic zones, including your g-spot; thus, stimulating and enhancing your sex drive. So the more often it hits these parts, the more cum you release.

That's not the only thing that the Natural Enhancer Agate Yoni Egg Set has to offer, however. It also comes with three strings where each egg is attached separately. These cords let you retrieve the balls inside you without inserting your fingers. Just pull them gently, and the eggs will come out!

It also has a pouch where you can keep the balls after using and cleaning them. This way, you can bring them wherever you go and use them whenever your cunt begins to throb.

Our Natural Enhancer Agate Yoni Egg Set is sure to improve your sexual health and level up your sex life...and that's the only thing you need to reach your climax!

Color The stone is made from natural stone, so every piece is unique
Type Yoni Eggs with String
Material Agate
Dimensions (in.)
Length Small: 1.18 in. Medium: 1.55 in. Large:1.97 in.
Width Small: 0.79 in. Medium: 1.1 in. Large:1.2 in.


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