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Enhance your mood and find your inner peace with the Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs.

The Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs features a set of three eggs with varying sizes. Their translucent cream design will make you feel like looking into your soul. They have a soothing visual that plays with the lights. This makes them fine ornaments when not pleasing you inside. They provide a visual sensation!

Being made of opalite crystal, the Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs are 100% natural. Attached to each egg is a string that you can replace with unwaxed dental floss. Every material used in these enlightening products is tested and certified. Your sensual and sexual healing is untainted and safe.

To start off your sexual reawakening with the Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs, make sure that you are well-lubricated. During your first sessions, use the largest egg. After easing into them, you can adjust to smaller eggs. Practice your mindfulness down there anytime and anywhere - while doing chores at home, working at the office, or even meditating at the garden. Your inner pleasure finds neither place nor time.

Once the Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs has reawakened you, you will have a greater sense of self. You will have a stronger pelvic floor muscle which will make your vagina stronger, tighter, and more flexible. This will enlighten you to prepare for childbirth, recover from labor, and experience life-changing orgasms. You will awaken your inner sex goddess.

After using the Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs, pull them out gently by the string then wash them with warm water and soap. Wipe them clean to keep their luster. Make sure not to soak the eggs in boiling water while it's cold. Store it safely for your next sacral experience.

Grant yourself a sensual peace of mind with your very own Inner Please Opalite Yoni Eggs!

Color Cream
Type Yoni Eggs
Material Opalite
Dimensions (in.)


Large - 1.8 in; Medium - 1.6 in; Small - 1.2 in


Large - 1.2 in; Medium - 1.0 in; Small - 0.8 in


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